We’re live on air..

April 21, 2007 at 10:04 pm (Photos)

We're Live

Good evening, you’re listening to the indie hour…is what I (Aoife Mc – hi there, how ya doin, hello) usually say every Thursday night from 9pm to 10pm on 103.2 Dublin City’s Anna Livia fm. The indie hour has been broadcasting on the community special interest station in Dublin for nearly three years (fucking hell! we’re getting old etc). In that time, we’ve had the pleasure of talking to some of the best in up and coming, independent and undependent Irish acts, such as Miriam Ingram, Channel One, Noise Control, Super Extra Bonus Party, Jenny Lindfors, The Happy Gang, Gavin Glass, Straglers, Jinx Lennon, Robotnik, Michael Knight, Julie Feeney, The Camembert Quartert, Tadhg Cooke, The Mighty Stef, and many, many more. Without concentrating on any one genre of music, we like to highlight a different group every week, sit them down in our Anna Livia studios with a cuppa and have a good old chinwag about their music, the scene, the industry, and all the rest. The lovely Mary Healy provides an informative gig guide, as well as stealing the hearts of many a male guest on the show – most notably Robotnik, who recently proposed to her live on air. She said no.

I was inspired by T-woc, who has a dubstep, grime and reggae programme on Radio na Life 106.4fm, who makes his programme available for download. *Ding!* went my internal hard-drive. I have always wanted more people to hear the show – I reckon that there are people who would be genuinely interested in hearing the bands on the indie hour but are not inclined to listen to the radio. And so, I decided that I would create the indie hour podcast. I say create – really what I will be doing on this blog will be making the indie hour shows available after every week’s show in a podcast format. Huzzah!

And so, my dears – I will start with the shows from the last three weeks: Straglers on the 29th of March, Super Extra Bonus Party on the 5th of April, and Robotnik on the 12th of April. Do leave a comment and let us know what you think. And do go to the bands’ pages via the links on this page. It wouldn’t be possible for me to have a show like the indie hour if the quality of music being made by independent bands in Ireland wasn’t as high as it is. I am very proud to play a part, however small, in promoting the hard work, passion and music of these bands, and I’m delighted that perhaps, via the internet, that more people will be able to hear even just a small percentage of some of the great bands that are operating in Ireland at the moment. Long may it continue! Blub!


  1. Stephen Power said,

    Hey great show,

    Never really get a chance to listen to much radio,so it is great that you are podcasting, im here listening here at work, yah!!!!! Quality tunes and looking forward to hearing more,

  2. hugger said,

    Great to see and hear this Aoife. Long may it prosper, gotta give Phantom some much needed competition to sharpen them up a little!

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