April 29, 2007 at 9:35 pm (The Show)


Straglers visited us on the indie hour on Thursday 29th of March 2007, and it was the second time they came down to the show, the first being in late summer of 2006. I had gotten in touch with them, like the majority of our guests, through myspace, which, incidentally, had a huge impact on the show. Through myspace I was able to find and get in touch with bands that I didn’t even know existed in Ireland. It broadened the musical output of the show, and I think that in the last 12 months, perhaps more so than the last three years since we started broadcasting, we’ve been given a broader insight into the different experiences and outlooks of musicians operating in Ireland.

Anyway – enough waffling. Straglers came to my attention via myspace and I loved their stuff. Collie and James came back in March this year with Bongo, their new drummer, in tow, and let us know how they had been getting on since their last visit, as well as giving us a sneak preview of some of their new material.

Also on this show The Lovely Mary Healy joins us – as she does weekly – for the gig guide (now, sadly, out of date!), we heard ‘Someone Great’ from LCD Soundsystem’s Sound of Silver – love that song – we also listened to the original Dalkey girl Jenny Lindfors’ ‘Let the Seas Calm’ from her album When the Night Time Comes, Twin Kranes’ single ‘Being Kong’, and Deerhoof’s ‘Perfect Me’ as recommended by nialler9, and finished the show with Robotnik’s ‘Super Duper Scientific Experiment’.

Go on. Have a listen.


Straglers – 29th March 2007

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