Fringe on the radio

May 28, 2007 at 9:07 pm (The Show)

On Thursday the 24th of May, we were joined on the indie hour by Fringe and her wonderful Shoe/sandals=shoedals. Unfortunately due to technical difficulty, the last twenty minutes of the show, and so about the last half of Fringe’s interview, was not recorded. By technical difficulty I mean, of course, that I fucked up. However, I am posting the bit of the show that we did manage to record, as well as the two missing tracks of Fringe’s that we heard at the end of the show.

Fringe was someone I came across on a voyeuristic journey through myspace – you know when you keep clicking on different profiles and eventually end up somewhere interesting? It’s kind of like those Choose Your Own Adventure books I read as a kid… Anyway, I harrassed Fringe for a cd for awhile, but it was only when I met her face to face that I convinced her to come on to the show to talk about her music.

One of the reasons that I wanted her on the show was because her music is something that I would love to hear on the radio. If I was at home and just randomly turned on the radio, it would be such a pleasant surprise to be greeted by Fringe’s music, and to be taken away to the atmospheric world that she creates. It has also been pointed out to me that she is one of very few women making electronic music in Ireland, and I do agree with Bluebottle Farm that that lends itself to her music, by giving it a feminine quality that I can certainly identify with.

It was a somewhat oestrogen based show, as we also spoke to Siobhan McNamara from ALAF Ireland, A Lesbian Arts Festival, which took place over last weekend, from Friday the 25th until Monday the 28th. We were delighted to hear from Siobhan just what was happening over the weekend, and to clarify whether you needed to be a lesbian to come and join the fun – the answer to which was of course not ya eejit! We heard a track from Janey Mac after we spoke to Siobhan, who played in The George on the Friday night of the Festival, along with Vile Vile Creatures, Party Weirdo and Ebony Bones. Check out the ALAF website for details of further festivals, links to loads of related organisations, as well as quotes from happy punters and nay-sayers alike, notably Michael ‘God, I’m SUCH an asshole’ McDowell.

Also featured on the show this week was Leyendecker by the Almighty Battles. I went to see them the Friday night after the show in the Temple Bar Music Centre, and you’d have to be a bit of a plonker to not think it was one amazing gig. Check out the video on Nialler9 and see for yourself. Possibly one of the best drummers I’ve ever seen, and the guitar players were playing the keys at the SAME time as they were playing the guitars, and it was all very sweaty and just simply fucking deadly. There was much dancing and almost sheer disbelief at the quality of the show. It were ace. They’re apparently coming back here in August to play Tripod – don’t be a div and get yourself a ticket asap. You won’t be disappointed.

The Lovely Mary Healy was with us as always for the gig guide, and we also heard Jake Summers from Fight Like Apes’ fecking deadly EP How Am I Supposed to Kill You When You Have All The Guns? We heard Polygymy from Janey Mac, The Gardiner Street Gospel Choir’s version of Primal Scream’s Moving On Up in advance of their free performance in Merrion Square on Sunday the 27th May, as well as the nialler9 recommended track The Rat Cage from The Beastie Boys’ new album The Mix Up.

So here you have it. Just about forty minutes of the show to download, as well as the two missing tracks from Fringe: Safe and Improving. Check Fringe’s stuff out on her myspace, and tell her I sent ya. And don’t forget to check out Ian Oliver’s photos of the show, and the previous couple of months of our guests, all looking fabulous on Ian Oliver’s Indie Hour Photo Collections.


Fringe Thursday 24th May

Fringe’s Safe

Fringe’s Improving

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House of Cosy Cushions

May 21, 2007 at 3:52 pm (The Show)

Rich Cosy Cushions

Enda Kenny’s just creepy. That’s why I’m voting Greens. Hey, politics is fun!

Gagghhh. Super Extra Bonus Party made me hungover. It’s true, they forced the alcohol down my throat at their gig last Friday in Crawdaddy supporting Subtle. It was a great performance by the boys, who proved that they’re more than able to recreate their impressive debut album in a live setting, throwing out more energy and ideas to the crowd than a Help Yourself Guru at a convention for ‘large’ (I mean fat) people at Las Vegas. That’s supposed to be a good comparison. Obviously.

Super Extra Bonus Party support Bonde de Role on 30th May in Crawdaddy again, so check them out, you will not be disappointed. And you will definitely dance. Or I’ll ‘ave ya.

Last Thursday night the 17th of May we were joined on the indie hour by Richard Bolhuis from House of Cosy Cushions. I had noticed the name on a few gig posters around town, and got in touch with the group through myspace. I received a copy of their EP Palace For The Lost Ones, and was impressed by the melancholy but playful, dark and mischievious sound of the group. Also a bonus was the bonkers music video that came on an enhanced CD version of the EP, filmed in The Ship of Fools and featuring a crazy trombone player and a Bryan Ferry look-a-like!

Rich came down to the studios on the East Wall Road to tell us about The Ship of Fools, finding musicians in Dublin, making noise, and how he likes Irish Birds and Apes.

We also spoke to Jim Latimer of the Dinner’s Ready Festival. Taking place on Saturday the 2nd of June from 2pm til 2am in the East Point Business Park, this alternative music festival promises to be a bit of a deadly day out. With live visuals by Cool Hand Loop and Rachel Sullivan, live graffiti from Myne, music from The Chakras, Star Little Thing, Si Schroeder, Max Tundra and loads more, you can join in on the fun for the price of €42.50 at City Discs, Sound Cellar, and Big Brother Records. Check it out on the Dinner’s Ready Festival myspace page.

The Lovely Mary Healy joined us via the telemephone for the gig guide, we heard Channel One’s These Roads from their Permissions EP, Super Extra Bonus Party’s Dorothy Goes Home (feat Nina Hynes) from their debut album, Lights from Max Tundra’s album Mastered by Guy at the Exchange, and the nialler9 recommended track Lend Me Your Face by Fight Like Apes from their debut EP How Am I Supposed To Kill You When You Got All The Guns? Along with, hmm, just about everyone else, I love that fight like apes tune, and the EP’s a cracker. MayKay screams Fuck like no other.

Off you go then.


House of Cosy Cushions 17th May 2007

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Dry County

May 14, 2007 at 3:42 pm (The Show)

Dry County

Dry County were a band that I first heard about through nialler9, who featured the band on his site on the back of hearing a few album samplers on their myspace page.

I contacted the group and was promptly sent a copy of the album Unexpected Falls. What impressed me most about the group’s work was the complexity of layers on the record – wait, that sounds like journalistic wank – what I mean is that there is a lot to this record, and it’s a record that unveils itself more as you listen to it.

When Kev and Derek from Dry County visited us on the indie hour on Thursday 10th May, ahead of their album launch in Crawdaddy on Saturday the 12th May, Kev described the album as a Headphone Album, and I think that sums the sound up rather well.

They also spoke to us about Guy at the Exchange, having respect for their audience as an electronic act as opposed to checking their email on stage, Lazybird Label and nightclub, and Ventolin Inhalers.

The Lovely Mary Healy was with us as always for the gig guide, we heard Feist’s I Feel It All from her album The Reminder, Cap Pas Cap’s Said Say It from their EP Not Not Is Fine, and the nialler9 recommended track of Architecture in Helsinki’s Heart It Races.

Download away!


Dry County 10th May 2007

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May 14, 2007 at 11:25 am (The Show)


I first heard about Terrordactyl from Stephen ‘Fatz’ Fahey and Gavin ‘Everything Flows’ Elsted of Super Extra Bonus Party. It was a Friday night in January and the first Ballroom of Romance of 2007 was on in the Lower Deck in Portobello, where it has had a monthly residency for the last couple of years. I was walking in the door a little bit late and met the two Bonus Partyers on their way out, who were both still reeling from the performance of the band that they had just seen, Terrordactyl.

It’s always a good introduction when a band you like recommends a band they like, so I was a bit gutted to have missed them on that particular night, and was determined to catch them at their next gig. This was a night in Crawdaddy – which I didn’t make it to either doh! – of which you will find a description of on nialler9 . I finally made it down to see the four-piece at the Boom Boom Room, in support of Boxes and USA is a Monster, and they really were awesome. A huge sound from a four-piece of relatively short people. Who would have thought? I was really impressed with their high energy, their musical ability (Lars on bass really is fucking unbelievable – and he’s only 20 years old! I feel like an old failure!) as well as the actual songs themselves. Tick, tick, tick! Nice one.

We planned to have the whole band on the show on Thursday 3rd of May, but unfortunately Lars and drummer Mike were down in Wexford, recording material of their band Adebisi Shank I believe, while Jill the keys lady was on a drug binge in Amsterdam. She had missed her flight home for two consecutive weeks. Missed my arse. Don’t blame her really though, in fairness.

When it came to the day, it was myself and the guitar wielding Owensie, who gave us an insight into the formation of Terrordactyl, what their plans for the future are and what a hikikomouri is…

We also spoke to Colm from Monster Truck Gallery on Francis Street, where they were holding an exhibition of work and a performance by House of Cosy Cushion’s front man. Colm joined us at the end of the show to talk about Monster Truck as an exhibition and an artists’ space, as well as mentioning some mice in a box that caused a bit of stir a month or so back.

Also heard on this show was Dry County’s single Attention from their album Unexpected Falls, Noise Control’s Steel to be released on June 6th, House of Cosy Cushion’s Goodbye Tiger, and the nialler9 recommended track Empire from The National’s album Boxer. After The National track, I must have forgotten to put down the faders as there is a random guitar twang that catches me off guard…

Have a listen to the show – and do go see Terrordactyl at their next gig in The Boom Boom Room on 8 July, as they come highly recommended from myself as well as anybody else who has ever seen them!


Terrordactyl May 3rd 2007

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Evil Harrisons

May 2, 2007 at 9:50 pm (The Show)

evil harrisons

We ended the month of April with a band that we had never spoken to before, but had indeed heard quite a lot from, in particular, the track Some Grand Plan from their EP In If It Is.

Evil Harrisons were one of those bands that I heard of through myspace, had read about in Connected magazine and heard good things about their 2006 Hard Working Class Heroes performance.

I got their EP in early January and, like many other Irish DJs, loved Some Grand Plan and gave it a good airing before Ronan and Barry came down to visit us on April 26th, to tell us about their experience recording in Grouse Lodge, explain the Shakespeare connection to the band, and to once more uphold the good name of Dundalk on the indie hour.

I must mention here that I was quite hungover for this show. This may explain why I sound like I’m about to fall off my dj chair at times, and the rather vague attempt at helping Mary with the gig guide early on in the show. It must also be noted here of an on-going radio war between myself and young Imelda Marcos, who hosts an (I say this begrudgingly) excellent new wave/electro/synth pop radio show called Soilse Neoin (Neon Lights) on Raidio na Life 106.4 FM every Wedensday night between 9 to 10pm.

You see, Imelda would often give me a buzz after her radio show on a Wednesday and suggest a quiet scoop to round off the mid-week. Inevitably, this quiet pint would turn into an Amstel-fuelled painting-the-town-neon-pink-until-4am type affair, only to find myself waking up on a Thursday morning barely in time for work wondering where the kebab wrapper on my floor came from and just how the fuck I would be able to get through the day.

It took me a little while, but I realised that Imelda Marcos was devilishly trying to sabotage the indie hour by rendering its host semi-radioimpotent for Thursday evenings. The fabulously dressed swine! Anyway, I cottoned on to her evil ploy, and the Wednesday night sessions ceased for a bit. However, the Wednesday before the Evil Harrison’s show, by god, she got me again. Foul temptress! It’s not over yet Imelda! The battle’s been won, but the war will be mine!!!

Okay. Zen.

This week we also got an insight to the land of Ben Jacobs a.k.a. Max Tundra. Ben had a chat with us on the eve of his show in Kennedy’s of Westmoreland Row. And a lovely chap he was too. We started the show with his track Lights, and finished it up with Labial, both from his 2002 album Mastered by Guy at the Exchange. In the interview he talks about his Commodore Amiga 500, how being labeled as having too many ideas is just silly, and that his follow-up album is nearly there!

Also on this show, we heard from The Lovely Mary Healy just what to do with ourselves the coming weekend, we listened to Mighty Stef’s St Catherine, and Bill Callahan’s Diamond Dancer as recommended by nialler9.


Evil Harrisons April 26th 2007

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Jinx Lennon

May 2, 2007 at 9:33 pm (The Show)

Jinx Lennon

April was a bit of a repeat month for the indie hour – as in, three of the four guests on the show that month had been down to us at some point in the last three years.

Jinx Lennon first came to my attention about four years ago. I had just returned from a three year stint in London, and hadn’t a clue about anything that was going on in the irish music scene. ‘The Frames? Glen who?’ I’d ask. Well, perhaps I wasn’t quite that uninformed but anyway… the first gig I went to within a month of my return to Dublin was in the Lower Deck in Portobello. On this night I saw aidan, Niall James Holohan and Mr Jinx Lennon. It was quite a re-introduction to some of the stuff that was going on at the time, and I’ve been a fan of Jinx ever since.

What I really respect about Jinx Lennon is his absolute lack of fear when it comes to performing. Every time I’ve seen him, which has been about five times over the last three years, he completely lets go, getting rid of every Sticky Head in the audience. I always feel invigorated after a Jinx Lennon show. I think it is because of his 100% energy on stage, and his ability to throw caution to the wind and even sound like a bit of lunatic at times.

Jinx visited us on Thursday April 19th to tell us what he’s been up to for the last six months or so. Also on this show, The Lovely Mary Healy joins us for the gig guide, we heard Dark Room Notes’ Love Like Nicotine, Albyno Rhino’s debut single Wasters, Neon Neon’s Trick or Treat and Some Grand Plan from Evil Harrisons.


Jinx Lennon April 19th 2007

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the indie hour ident

May 2, 2007 at 9:26 pm (Uncategorized)

At the beginning of each show you hear the indie hour ident, which features the music of the downright deadly Noise Control, from their track Take It. The boys came down to the indie hour in May 2006, after I’d received their demo in the post, and loved it. I’ve been a huge fan ever since, and have seen them live a number of times over the last 12 months.

They are always on top form, with driving bass lines, atmospheric guitars and MC Mark – all together making them stand out among their peers in the Dublin live scene as a class act to see. I think they’re only great.

So I figured I needed an indie hour ident, and I got in touch with the lads to see if they wouldn’t mind if I used their track for it. Not only did they agree, but they helped me record it to make sure that it sounded top-notch professional like, and since then every show has begun with the sound of Noise Control introducing the indie hour. Nice one.

Here’s the original Noise Control track Take It.  The boys will be releasing their new single Steel on the 8th of June, with a FREE launch gig in Crawdaddy on Thursday the 7th of June.  Definitely check them out.


Take It by Noise Control

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