May 14, 2007 at 11:25 am (The Show)


I first heard about Terrordactyl from Stephen ‘Fatz’ Fahey and Gavin ‘Everything Flows’ Elsted of Super Extra Bonus Party. It was a Friday night in January and the first Ballroom of Romance of 2007 was on in the Lower Deck in Portobello, where it has had a monthly residency for the last couple of years. I was walking in the door a little bit late and met the two Bonus Partyers on their way out, who were both still reeling from the performance of the band that they had just seen, Terrordactyl.

It’s always a good introduction when a band you like recommends a band they like, so I was a bit gutted to have missed them on that particular night, and was determined to catch them at their next gig. This was a night in Crawdaddy – which I didn’t make it to either doh! – of which you will find a description of on nialler9 . I finally made it down to see the four-piece at the Boom Boom Room, in support of Boxes and USA is a Monster, and they really were awesome. A huge sound from a four-piece of relatively short people. Who would have thought? I was really impressed with their high energy, their musical ability (Lars on bass really is fucking unbelievable – and he’s only 20 years old! I feel like an old failure!) as well as the actual songs themselves. Tick, tick, tick! Nice one.

We planned to have the whole band on the show on Thursday 3rd of May, but unfortunately Lars and drummer Mike were down in Wexford, recording material of their band Adebisi Shank I believe, while Jill the keys lady was on a drug binge in Amsterdam. She had missed her flight home for two consecutive weeks. Missed my arse. Don’t blame her really though, in fairness.

When it came to the day, it was myself and the guitar wielding Owensie, who gave us an insight into the formation of Terrordactyl, what their plans for the future are and what a hikikomouri is…

We also spoke to Colm from Monster Truck Gallery on Francis Street, where they were holding an exhibition of work and a performance by House of Cosy Cushion’s front man. Colm joined us at the end of the show to talk about Monster Truck as an exhibition and an artists’ space, as well as mentioning some mice in a box that caused a bit of stir a month or so back.

Also heard on this show was Dry County’s single Attention from their album Unexpected Falls, Noise Control’s Steel to be released on June 6th, House of Cosy Cushion’s Goodbye Tiger, and the nialler9 recommended track Empire from The National’s album Boxer. After The National track, I must have forgotten to put down the faders as there is a random guitar twang that catches me off guard…

Have a listen to the show – and do go see Terrordactyl at their next gig in The Boom Boom Room on 8 July, as they come highly recommended from myself as well as anybody else who has ever seen them!


Terrordactyl May 3rd 2007

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