Fringe on the radio

May 28, 2007 at 9:07 pm (The Show)

On Thursday the 24th of May, we were joined on the indie hour by Fringe and her wonderful Shoe/sandals=shoedals. Unfortunately due to technical difficulty, the last twenty minutes of the show, and so about the last half of Fringe’s interview, was not recorded. By technical difficulty I mean, of course, that I fucked up. However, I am posting the bit of the show that we did manage to record, as well as the two missing tracks of Fringe’s that we heard at the end of the show.

Fringe was someone I came across on a voyeuristic journey through myspace – you know when you keep clicking on different profiles and eventually end up somewhere interesting? It’s kind of like those Choose Your Own Adventure books I read as a kid… Anyway, I harrassed Fringe for a cd for awhile, but it was only when I met her face to face that I convinced her to come on to the show to talk about her music.

One of the reasons that I wanted her on the show was because her music is something that I would love to hear on the radio. If I was at home and just randomly turned on the radio, it would be such a pleasant surprise to be greeted by Fringe’s music, and to be taken away to the atmospheric world that she creates. It has also been pointed out to me that she is one of very few women making electronic music in Ireland, and I do agree with Bluebottle Farm that that lends itself to her music, by giving it a feminine quality that I can certainly identify with.

It was a somewhat oestrogen based show, as we also spoke to Siobhan McNamara from ALAF Ireland, A Lesbian Arts Festival, which took place over last weekend, from Friday the 25th until Monday the 28th. We were delighted to hear from Siobhan just what was happening over the weekend, and to clarify whether you needed to be a lesbian to come and join the fun – the answer to which was of course not ya eejit! We heard a track from Janey Mac after we spoke to Siobhan, who played in The George on the Friday night of the Festival, along with Vile Vile Creatures, Party Weirdo and Ebony Bones. Check out the ALAF website for details of further festivals, links to loads of related organisations, as well as quotes from happy punters and nay-sayers alike, notably Michael ‘God, I’m SUCH an asshole’ McDowell.

Also featured on the show this week was Leyendecker by the Almighty Battles. I went to see them the Friday night after the show in the Temple Bar Music Centre, and you’d have to be a bit of a plonker to not think it was one amazing gig. Check out the video on Nialler9 and see for yourself. Possibly one of the best drummers I’ve ever seen, and the guitar players were playing the keys at the SAME time as they were playing the guitars, and it was all very sweaty and just simply fucking deadly. There was much dancing and almost sheer disbelief at the quality of the show. It were ace. They’re apparently coming back here in August to play Tripod – don’t be a div and get yourself a ticket asap. You won’t be disappointed.

The Lovely Mary Healy was with us as always for the gig guide, and we also heard Jake Summers from Fight Like Apes’ fecking deadly EP How Am I Supposed to Kill You When You Have All The Guns? We heard Polygymy from Janey Mac, The Gardiner Street Gospel Choir’s version of Primal Scream’s Moving On Up in advance of their free performance in Merrion Square on Sunday the 27th May, as well as the nialler9 recommended track The Rat Cage from The Beastie Boys’ new album The Mix Up.

So here you have it. Just about forty minutes of the show to download, as well as the two missing tracks from Fringe: Safe and Improving. Check Fringe’s stuff out on her myspace, and tell her I sent ya. And don’t forget to check out Ian Oliver’s photos of the show, and the previous couple of months of our guests, all looking fabulous on Ian Oliver’s Indie Hour Photo Collections.


Fringe Thursday 24th May

Fringe’s Safe

Fringe’s Improving

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  1. bluebottle farm said,

    say no to oestrogen and vitamin k! i’m no bloody feminist hi. not well enough endowed to go braless anyhoo. cheers for the mention. yer owed a dinner, xxx

  2. aoifemc said,

    Dude, you’re supposed to BURN your bra 🙂

  3. nialler9 said,

    Nice work Aoife….

    We listened in the kitchen…

    My how we laughed gaily!


  4. aoifemc said,

    Thanks nialler9.
    I’m blogging this…

  5. holly said,

    how many times did i say nice?and what was i talking about music reaches all nationalities???WHAT ABSOLUTE TOSH!

  6. aoifemc said,

    Hey, you’re a nice girl! And it’s not tosh. It’s the truth. Which is out there. And other such sci-fi related nerdiness.

  7. aoifemc said,

    And by the way Holly – thanks for so graciously colour-coordinating your outfit with my blog colours! So chic.
    Oh god. It’s really happening.

  8. hugger said,

    Liken fringe, in a hair today gone tomorrow kinda way. Orbitalesque.

  9. aoifemc said,

    Arf! Hair today. Glad you enjoyed it.

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