Noise Control

June 6, 2007 at 9:05 pm (The Show)

Noise Control

The boys from Noise Control joined us on the indie hour on Thursday the 31st of May. They visited us for the first time on May 5th 2006, after I’d found them on, that’s right, myspace – hurrah! I remember getting their three track cd for the first time, and couldn’t believe they were Irish. And that’s not just because of MC Mark K.I.D. who is English, but of the Prodigy influenced sound. In fact, the lads had recently supported Prodigy in Marley Park when we spoke to them last.

The boys were back in 2007, this time without Mark K.I.D., to talk about the 8th of June launch of their single Steel. The lads are launching the single on Thursday the 7th of June in Crawdaddy – it’s a free gig, and they’re brilliant live, so get your arse down to Harcourt Street this Thursday.

I’m a big fan of the lads, not just because I like their tunes and think they’re a great live band, but also because of their attitude. They’re a hard working band, they believe in what they’re doing, and they don’t do things by half measures. I really respect that about them. And also, they’re a lovely bunch of fellas 🙂

We also spoke to Bo from Human Music about Saturday night’s Rock Candy vs Primal Jelly Social Club do in McGruders pub on Thomas Street. There was a bevvy of bands playing throughout the day, from 2pm til 2am, with a free bbq, dj sets all taking place in possibly the nicest beer garden in town.

Also featured on this show was Jinx Lennon’s City of Styrofoam Cups, from his album Know Your Station Gouger Nation. We heard The Gorgeous Colour’s new single Hunting Something, which they are releasing in The Village on Thursday the 7th – I’m sure you’d be able to squeeze The Gorgeous Colours and Noise Control into one night, it’s definitely do-able! Nialler9 recommended a track by Orchestra Baobab called Boulmamine, methinks just so I’d embarrass myself through gross mispronunciation. Thanks nialler. Ah no, he picked it because it’s a great track from a compilation called Senegal, which nialler9 heard about through the podcast site Short Attention Span Radio. To finish off the show we heard Tangerine from Red Kid, which is the second single being released by the band on July 4th.

We do have a few limited edition copies of Noise Control’s single Steel to give away. If you’d like to get your paws on a copy, leave me a comment to this blog or send me a message through the indie hour myspace.

Here you have it – download away!


Noise Control Thurdsay May 31st

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