Hybrasil Bless The Devil

June 27, 2007 at 4:18 pm (The Show)

The two Neils from Hybrasil came down to say hello on the indie hour on Thursday the 21st of June, the night before the launch of their insanely catchy new single God Bless The Devil. It was kind of cool to have the drum and bass section this time around, as back in 2006 we were joined by Joe and Spud from the band, giving us the story of Hybrasil so far from the vocalist and synth-dude point of view.

The lads have been through a lot in their time as a band together. The last three years have seen two EP releases, a split from a label, a formation of a new label, Manazo Records, on which they released God Bless The Devil, and will also release their debut album The Monkey Pole on the 7th of September.

Not only does the single display the pop-tastic brilliance of Hybrasil, but I can vouch for their live set, and their ability to get more than a few booties moving in a crowd. I can also say that The Monkey Pole, after being given a pre-view listen, will be sure to launch the lads into the Irish consciousness, if not beyond our wee isle. If it doesn’t, we’re all tone deaf and shouldn’t be allowed to listen to music. Strong words. But I mean them.

Also on this show we heard from Vincent Salafria, live from the Hill of Tara to celebrate the 2007 Summer Solstice. Vincent is with Tara Watch, and he filled us in on the forwards and backwards steps of the campaign to stop the proposed M3 motorway being built so close to Tara since we last spoke to him. He was also welcoming everyone to not only head down to Tara over the weekend to catch some of the great music happening through til Sunday, but also to contact the organisation to find out more information and to get involved in the cause.

On this show we also heard Postcards from Italy from Beirut’s Gulag Orkestar, Albyno Rhino’s Masks, Red Light Cock Fight from Thinguma*jigsaw, and nialler9 recommended Rainin In Paradise from Manu Chao – that track is available for free download on his website.

Tune in at 9pm on 103.2fm this Thursday the 28th of July when we will be talking to Lauren Guillery and The Claws.

Until then – here’s Hybrasil!


Hybrasil Thursday 21st June 2007

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  1. muireann ni bhrolchain said,



    On Wednesday 27th June EU Petitions Committee visited Tara and the new National Monument at Lismullin in Co Meath to view the proposed route of the M3 motorway that has caused such huge controversy in Ireland and abroad.

    The delegation was led by the Polish MEP Marcin Libicki and other visitors included members from England and Rumania as well as the Irish MEPs Kathy Sinnott, Vice-chair of the committee, Mairead McGuinness and Proinsias de Rossa.

    The committee met two of those who had sent petitions to them – Brian Guckian an independent transport researcher and Julitta Clancy of the Meath Archaeological and Historical Society who has been active in the campaign against the chosen route for many years. Both made presentations to the committee chairman on the Hill. Members of the NRA and their archaeologists were also present.

    The committee also met members of the Campaign to Save Tara and the archaeologist Conor Newman, world expert on Tara and chairman of the committee named by the Minister for the Environment, John Gormley, to examine the new National Monument at Lismullin.

    A number of petitions have been lodged with the EU citing breaches of EU Directives in relation to this project. The members were given briefing documents by the Campaign to Save Tara on the importance Tara’s Gabhra Valley.

    Brian Guckian said: “My petition to the committee is based on the fact that the planning process ignored other transport options when deciding on the motorway in breach of the EU Directive on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The rail option was never properly considered and other alternatives can still be applies. We must seek EU intervention to save the Gabhra Valley given that our own Government and Taoiseach have failed to acknowledge its significance and have in fact been undermining our membership of the EU through our negligent treatment of our environment, heritage and culture.”

    Muireann Ní Bhrolcháin said: “We appreciate that John Gormley is taking an interest in Tara and now that he has a ministerial position we expect that he will take a very proactive role. It is hoped that the EU petitions committee who visited the national monument of Lismullin support the view that the whole Valley is an archaeological complex of inter-related sites and should never have been chosen for the location of a motorway.”

    Julitta Clancy on behalf of MAHS said: “I have outlined to the committee the whole history of the project for Meath. Six major routes were put forward by Meath County Council at the route consultation stage, five went through Tara’s landscape and only one was recommended by their own archaeologist – this was never investigated. I questioned the integrity of the planning process and the absence of a meaningful public participation as laid down by EU Directives on Environmental Impact Assessment.”
    Julitta Clancy also referred to the pioneering work of the Discovery Programme that clearly identified the unique cultural landscape of Tara’s Gabhra Valley and thanked the committee for taking the time to hear petitions and pointed out that the road can be progressed as planned and that this short section must now be reconsidered by a committee of experts.

  2. aoifemc said,

    Thanks for that Muirrean!

  3. holly said,


    seeing as i know very little oh hybrasil– is it refernece to that terry gilliam flick? that single of theirs is pure cracker. yes.


  4. aoifemc said,

    Yo Hollers
    I do not know about the terry gilliam reference – it’s a possibility! The single is a cracker with goats cheese, a cherry tomato, and pesto on top! Waf waf waf! (that’s posh laughter to you)

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