Lauren Guillery and The Claws

July 3, 2007 at 8:37 am (The Show)


I am delighted to announce that Danny Fontana – Live at Butlin’s Mosney was recently added to a Worst Album Covers Ever list. I have a special fondness for this particular cover, as I am probably one of the lucky three people on earth who have an original copy on vinyl of this amazing masterpiece of Neil Diamond and Elvis Presley cover versions. I found it in my parents’ attic a few years ago. Neither of them would claim ownership. Since then, it has been blu-tacked up on my wall for all to see Danny in his too-tight Elvis jumpsuit with fringe and gold platform shoes glory. Sitting on a Skoda or whatever flash car it is.

My buddy who told me the great news could not unfortunately remember the site he saw my own Danny Fontana on. I went in search for it, and, hard as I tried, due to the volume of hilariously awful album covers – I didn’t find Danny. So I took a pic of it and put it up here so that it can always be found, and enjoyed not only by me and people who visit my room, but all who visit this blog. Someday I might even digitalize one of the tracks on this album and post it here on the blog. You haven’t lived til you’ve heard Danny Fontana singing Sweet Caroline live at Butlin’s Mosney. Swoon!

On Thursday 28th of June, we were joined on the indie hour by Lauren Guillery and The Claws. Well, one of her Claws – Barry the bass player was with us, while Olivier the drummer was otherwise engaged.

I’ve heard a lot about Lauren over the last two years – either through other musicians or people who had seen her play. It was great to finally get her down to the studios to have a chat. I think in this interview, Lauren comes across the same way that she does in her music – as a very genuine, passionate musician, and it is those qualities that I very much admire in her.

Lauren talked about her musical career to date, and what the future holds. We also listened to three tracks from her debut EP Listen!, and Barry and Lauren also treated us to a live track.

We also spoke to Ciara O’Sullivan from the Knockanstock Festival, happening in Ballyknockan, Wicklow on the 27th – 29th July. Lauren Guillery and The Claws included, there are 36 bands playing over the two days on three stages – Kill City Defectors, Mike Got Spiked, Grand Pocket Orchestra, The Hot Sprockets, James Guilmartin and loads more – and it will only cost you ONE of these:


Twenty euro and you’re on your way to a lovely little festival bursting with bands and good vibes. And you can even catch the 65 Bus to Blessington, and perhaps hitch a lift from there to Ballyknockan on the Blessington Lakes. If you have your bus fare, a box full of ham and cheese sambos, and a few quid for beer – sorted! Tickets are available from the WAV Box Office on Camden Row.

Also on this show we heard Indestructible Sam from Buck 65 from his EP Dirty Work, which is available as a free download on his website. We heard I Am Brazil from The Redneck Manifesto’s 2004 album of the same name. Nialler9 recommended the Optimo Espachio Remix of Pharaohe Monch’s Body Baby from his forthcoming album Desire. The original version of Body Baby was featured on the June Nialler9 podcast – which has lots of other great tracks hand picked by The King of the Bloggers himself. We also heard Agency of Bastards from Party Weirdo, who had their 7 inch single release party on the night of this show in The Lower Deck. Very much looking forward to having the Party Weirdo ladies on the show later on in the summer.

Hmph. Summer. I’ve forgotten what that is.

So here it is. Off you go.


Lauren Guillery and The Claws Thursday 28th June 2007

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  1. John Cav said,

    I have been laughing at/with that album cover for almost ten minutes now. I would contend that it would indeed warrant a place on the Best Albums Covers Ever list… Amazing.

    Also, 20 sheets for a festival. Very nice.

  2. aoifemc said,

    Hey Newish

    It is a quality album cover. One of the best/worst – depending how you look at it.

    I know – 20 yo yos for 36 bands! On a lake! It’ll be a lovely buzz too I’d say.

  3. Matt Vinyl said,

    I worked in Mosney one summer, cleaning their Gaiety theatre. I’ve seen the dark side of Mosney. It wasn’t all rock n’roll and white jumpsuits you know.

    On a related note I’ve a great album by The Indians called Indian Country. It looks like the cover was taken on the open plains in the US somewhere but i met their original guitarist who was able to tell me that the photo was taken beside Leopardstown racecourse

  4. aoifemc said,

    Oh…my…GOD Matt Vinyl you have The Indians seminal 70s album Indian Country?!?!? Boy, would I love to hear that again. It reminds me of being 5 and wearing an original kids addidas tracksuit and dancing in my gran’s garden to that very record with my cousins. It was awesome. They were from Carlow or something weren’t they?

    The Dark Side of Mosney…yeeesh.

  5. Matt Vinyl said,

    Oh my jesus. A festival in Ballyknockan. A number of years ago we went on the piss in Ballyknockan and there was some Bob Geldof gig on across the lake. We got chased out of Ballyknockan by a load of guys wearing Iron Maiden and AC/DC t-shirts. Rock and roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Michael McKernan said,

    Was looking to find some info on the great Irish crooner Danny Fontana and came across the classic Mosney album. My folks were friendly with danny and his wife years ago and fondly remember visiting him in Kilwinning during the summer holidays – no doubt this is were i got my love of Neil Diamond and Elvis from.

  7. aoifemc said,

    Michael – that’s amazing! I hope you or your folks aren’t offended that I’ve put Danny up on the web. Perhaps this was one album cover that he would have preferred to be kept up in the attic? Too good to not share. Too good.

  8. Derek said,

    Has anyone any knowledge of Danny Fontana or his broyjer Paul? I knew them well years ago in Caernarfon North Wales, I had one of Danny’s yellow jump suits for years, The Birds and Bees were backing Danny in them days and what a brilliant band they were, any info on them would also be appreciated, here’s hoping.


  9. Derek said,

    Sorry, that should read brother.

  10. Christian Fontana said,

    Hello, Im Christian Fontana – Danny’s son!
    I’m still laughing after seeing that album sleeve after all these years! Personally I’ve always wanted an enormous pair of gold stack healed platform boots but, hey – you cant have everything can you?!! 😉

    My Dad is laughing his ass off in a cocktail bar in Heaven Im sure at this album sleeve and happy that you are too!


    • John Sanderson said,

      Hiya Christian,
      My Dad Eddy Sanderson from North Shields played drums with your dad when i was only little i cant remember what year it was i think he went to Germany on tour with him…Maybe you or someone might have some old photos of my Dad on drums…I think then they were called Dany Fontana and The Geordies but still not sure…All the very best..John

    • suzzy said,

      Hi Chrisitian please could you e-mail me im sue tracy and paul niece who worked with your dad

      • Christian Fontana said,

        Hello suzzy sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I did not receive your message and had no idea that people were speaking to me on this forum. My email is
        I look forward to hearing from you x

    • Philip Gilsenan said,

      Hi Christian. My name’s Phil, & I played keyboards with your father for about 4 and a half years, on and off. I lived in Kilwinning at the time. I remember you, and your brother, and your mother, Maggie, who sang with us. Anyway, I ended up going out with 1 of the Bradley sisters, who your dad brought over from Ireland, as backing singers. Jo & I are still together, living in Derry, and still performing as a duo. As i’ve been over here since 1990, I lost touch, and don’t know what happened to your father. Any info would be greatly appreciated. All the best, Phil Gilsenan.

  11. Christian Fontana said,

    Hello Phil . Thank you for your message.
    My dad passed away about 10 years ago. We were not in contact and as far as I know he died whilst playing I’m Spain ( possibly Barcelona)
    Do you have any old photos or anyone you can put me in touch with who could let me know any info about him and where his final resting place is?
    Many thanks

  12. Ann said,

    I was your Dad’s girlfriend in 1977, he told me he was separated but always sent postcards to his kids, I remember posting one to you with an Ayr address, then afterwards watching him on opportunity knocks being introduced by his Ma in Law needless to say I never saw him again, well only once when he was playing in our local seaside caravan site accompanied by his then wife Pauline!

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