Primate Silliness with Fight Like Apes

July 9, 2007 at 10:03 pm (The Show)


I’ve been living on my lovely street in Rathmines for over two years now. I like it because it’s old and leafy, and there’s a music school for little ones at the end of the street across from probably the most beautiful house in Dublin. I don’t live in the most beautiful house in Dublin, but mine is pretty nice too.

About a year and a half ago, a monstrous ad was put up at the end of the road by a major phone company and has stayed there ever since. It says:


And has some kool lad playing guitar and looking, like, really into it. I mean, the fucker is huge! What’s so annoying about it is I see it every single day – and I’m like, what the hell are you phone advertisers talking about?! This IS a street, NOT a venue – and it’s MY street so piss off with your ridiculous attempts to get down with the kids! You wear suits! Kids don’t!

I think the weather’s getting to me.

We had a great auld giggle on the indie hour last Thursday, when we were joined by the wonderful Fight Like Apes. They’re a class act, so they are. MayKay, Pockets and the verbose Tom joined us for the hour, and told us all about their own somewhat accidental journey to the loving arms of many an Irish music fan, as well as their relationship with Jake Summers, Pocket’s feminism and their knack for using visual jokes on the radio.

This band are great. I’ve only seen them live once – at The Dinner’s Ready Festival – they thought their set was shite, and I thought it was great which tells me that they must be bloody electric when they’re having a good night.

We listened to all four tracks on their EP How Am I Supposed To Kill You When You Have All The Guns? In fact, we listened to Lend Me Your Face twice. Coz I like it.

We also spoke to Frank Prendergast from Festival T-shirts – get yourself one before your next festival, they’re excellent. In fact, you can win a FREE T-shirt from Festival Ts by going to their website and sending them an email telling them who they are – as in, who makes up Festival T-shirts. Here’s a clue: the answer is on the website.

The blurb on the shirt says:

We actually lost Frank about halfway through the interview – so it’s not just the poster on my street that is annoying me about the phone people – and so in between getting him back on the line, we had an exclusive radio listen to Adebisi Shank’s Horse, taken from their fresh-off-the-desk EP, which they released to an enthralled crowd in The Lower Deck last Saturday 7th July, put on by Armed Ambitions and Popular Records. Adebisi Shank is made up of Lars and Mick from Terrordactyl, and Vinny from eh The Vinny Club.

This was a gig of mighty proportions that has confirmed in my mind the ever increasing standard of Irish bands around these days. The music that these guys are putting out is quite new to me, and, like their respective separate projects, it’s both progressive and engaging. Although instrumental post math rock may at first sound a little scary, you just have to watch the three lads together on stage, hear the structure and the positivity in their music, and you’re converted. The gig ended with a bottle of Asti Martini splashed into the crowd to the sound of the triumphant Adebisi Shank. Definitely get a hold of the EP, available on Armed Ambitions / Popular Records, as the lads have done rather well in capturing their calculatingly meandering melodic math rock on record. They have also left much room on the EP cover inviting you to draw all over it. Perhaps you can send them the designs and you might even get a Moro bar!! The next gig they have in Dublin is in Eamon Dorran’s on the 8th of August.

The Lovely Mary Healy was indeed with us for the gig guide, and informed us of the twenty million or so gigs we could go to this week. We heard The League of Impressionable Teens from So Cow, Radio Protector from 65 Days of Static who are playing at next weekend’s The State of Mantua Festival in Roscommon, which is going to be a blinking great weekend altogether. Nialler9 (for all your blogging needs) recommended Melody Day from Caribou’s soon to be released album Andorra. Caribou are playing in Crawdaddy on the 7th of September – word has it, they put on a rather good show, so get your arses down there.

So that’s about it. Peace and fucking. Believe.


Fight Like Apes Thursday 5th July

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  1. Niall said,

    Great Interview Aoife!

    Jolly good show!

  2. aoifemc said,

    Cheers niall – tally ho!

  3. nialler9 - Music/Mp3 Blog » Blog Archive » Fight like Apes on the radio said,

    […] Go the podcast blog to listen to the Podcast. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast as coming up are appearances from Rarely Seen above Ground and So Cow. There are also older podcasts with interviews and sessions from Stagger Lee, Noise Control, Dry County, Terrordactyl, Jinx Lennon and Super Extra Bonus Party. […]

  4. donal said,

    Must listen to the show later. Bought the EP in Galway a few weeks back when I was up there for a wedding. Drove from the church to the hotel following the wedding car, beeping the horn to the rhythm of Fight Like Apes. Feckin excellent stuff.

  5. aoifemc said,

    They’re a great band for sure – definitely good road music!

  6. Le Catch said,

  7. sarah said,

    And you are SO RIGHT about those ads, the other daft one is the Dublin Bus double decker that proclaims “This is not a bus it’s a venue” made all the more ridiculous by all the glum faces sitting inside.

  8. aoifemc said,

    I know the bus ads Sarah – that particularly Dublin Bus window mist as well does not bode well for said venue. It doesn’t make me want to buy a phone either.

  9. aoifemc said,

    Oh yeah – Le Catch – 8 facts:

    I was born in Monaghan, but grew up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from the age of 4 to 14, then went to boarding school in Dublin, and then Uni in London. All of which, of course, explains the Canadian accent.

    When I moved back to Dublin from Saudi Arabia, I didn’t really understand what stamps were.

    I recorded an album of original material last year called The Chocolate Teapot. I don’t have the balls to set up a myspage page for it, let alone release it. Work in progress.

    One of my favourite memories is visiting Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee with my Dad when I was 9 years old. We went to Graceland and The Grand Old Opry.

    I went to school with one of Idi Amin’s sons, and met Osama Bin Laden’s nephew at a party once in Saudi. They both really liked hip hop and were nice guys.

    For most of my young life, I wanted to be a taxi driver in New York. That or a radio DJ.

    One of my most embarrassing moments is falling asleep in the middle of an English class. That I was teaching. Cringe. Very hungover.

    I do not have an iPod, nor would I have a clue how to download music onto one. Shock!

  10. lola said,

    i love fight like apes and there song “jake summers”

  11. aoifemc said,

    Yup lola, I love them too!

  12. download hq music free said,

    Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff, thankyou .

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