A Farmleigh Affair with Bubbles

August 7, 2007 at 9:46 pm (Uncategorized)

That’s a pic of Nora, a new friend I made yesterday at the Farmleigh Affair in Farmleigh House in Phoenix Park. Myself and Nialler went down for the free concert, after a hangover induced late start, having sampled every type of drink under the rainbow the night before in the Bernard Shaw and at the Shock! Night in Crawdaddy on Sunday night.

We had received an email on Sunday to say that day’s festivities in Phoenix Park were cancelled due to crappy weather, so we were happy to find out that Monday would be going ahead yesterday, rain or no rain. We arrived just as Dobet Ghanore was finishing up. After a lengthy wait in the queue for a much needed beer, we took in the atmosphere of the lovely Farmleigh Gardens, where there was a mix of young and old, trendy and nerdy, Beirut and Damien Dempsey fans.

Damien took to the stage soon after we were settled on a bench with a great view of the house sheltering from the rain. It was at this point that I rememebered I had the bubbles in my bag, and in the half hour sunny spell before the rain came back again, we had some fun with the bubbles and Nora and her brother.

Cute! The music in the background is Damien Dempsey and his cheese-tastic but palatable band.

Our afternoon was rounded off with a great performance from The Kocani Orkestar. So much fun, and the drummer is a legend. You probably know them from the Borat soundtrack, as well as having worked with Zach Condon aka Beirut. There was much dancing and bum shaking. They’d be a great band to have at your wedding.

We actually shared a cab back to the city with half of The North Strand Klezmer Band, so big thanks to the lads for that. They were supposed to play on the Sunday of the Festival. Hope to have them on the show sometime soon! Check out their myspace for details of their upcoming gigs at The Electric Picnic and The Festival of World Cultures in Dun Laoghaire.

This ain’t much of a review of the festival, seeing as I only saw two acts, and I was distracted by the kids and the bubbles for Damien Dempsey – apart from the fact that he wouldn’t hold my attention for very long anyway.  The festival was a lovely hangover cure, and it was a really wonderful and unique setting for a festival, so I do hope that they’ll be able to have more events out in Farmleigh House.  And that the shocking weather of Summer 2007, the plague of all 65 of our Irish Music Festivals this summer, will never be repeated again.  For the sake of flip-flop wearers everywhere.


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