I am SO COW!

August 14, 2007 at 12:37 pm (The Show)

We were joined last Thursday the 9th of August on the indie hour by Brian Kelly a.k.a. So Cow. I first heard about So Cow’s music from the excellent Hi-Fi Popcorn blog, and wrote to Brian hankering after a cd. We featured The League of Impressionable Teens from his album These Truly Are End Times on the indie hour, as well as on July Nialler9 podcast.

Brian travelled up from Galway for the interview, but as we heard on the show, that was not as far as he’s used to travelling – seeing as he lives in Seoul, South Korea. It was a pleasure to have Brian on the show, and have a listen to a few choice tracks from his album, as well as hearing about what life is like for an indie musician in South Korea.

We also spoke to Stephen M from The Radio at the end of the show about their new album Charm Offensive, available now on Reekus Records. We listened to the first single taken from the album, which was One of Two Ways.

Also on the show we heard the frighteningly good Adebisi Shank’s JumpCut, and Spanik from Super Extra Bonus Party’s self-titled debut album, highlighting the delights of SEBP’s MC Rodrigo Teles as well as the rest of the boys. Nialler9 recommended the Remix Artist Collective’s eh remix of Tokyo Police Club’s Be Good, which also featured on the July Nialler9 podcast.

So here you are – moo!

So Cow Thursday the 9th of August 2007

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    […] may remember So Cow’s visit to the indie hour last year to talk about These Truly Are End Times.  I’m Siding With My Captors revisits the lo-fi […]

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