White Noise – scratching with vowels

August 20, 2007 at 11:42 am (The Show)

Cian Sayles a.k.a. White Noise joined us last Thursday night for an illuminating hour, taking us through the history of Beatboxing.

I first heard of White Noise through Super Extra Bonus Party, as White Noise features on the track Super Noise from SEBP’s debut album.

Myself, the Lovely Mary Healy, and Ian Oliver all sat in the studio while I interviewed Cian with our mouths open in amazement – it just doesn’t corrulate with your brain seeing a fella producing the sounds of drums, turntables and blips and blops just by using his voice, lips and indeed, his adam’s apple.

It was one of those great shows where I actually forgot that I was on the radio. I was completely fascinated with what Cian was doing, and I also felt that he gave a really concise and clear explanation of what Beatboxing actually is. I’m sure the workshops that he does with kids and adults are really excellent, and have half a mind of seeing if I can join in on one, after finally getting over the embarrassment of saying “freestyle” – I’m just so not hip-hop.

White Noise told us about the international community of beatboxers, working with Vyvienne Long, his plans for an album, as well as explaining the techniques he uses and how he wants to bring beatboxing away from hip-hop and into other genres as well.

On the show, we also heard Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart in tribute to Tony Wilson who passed away on Friday the 10th of August. We heard I’ve Been Waiting from Rarely Seen Above Ground, and Nialler9 recommended Crystle Cat from Dan Deacon ahead of the Crawdaddy gig the following night.

We also listened to Jake Summers from Fight Like Apes who played a great set at Eurocultured in Smithfield on Saturday. I went down to Smithfield at about 5pm – there was a great buzz, with music on in Thomas Read’s as well as some break-dancers on the main stage. I just missed Lauren Guillery & The Claws before the music in Thomas Read’s took a bit of a break, so after Fight Like Apes played I wandered home, a bit knackered after the Dan Deacon night before, missing, among loads of others, Robotnik, The Amazing Few and The Show, who I’ve heard put on a rather delightful live eh show.

There was also some great live graffiti going on around the square:

I’m sure Eurocultured will be back next summer for a third installment of the mini-festival, so hopefully there’ll be at least a sliver of sunshine next year to greet them.

We finished up the show with the insanely catchy Boyz from M.I.A.’s Kala. It’s just ridiculously dance-worthy.

So here’s a bit of white noise – prepare to be amazed and informed.


White Noise Thursday 16th of August 2007

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  1. musicnuvo said,

    Hey, hey – just came across your blog and wanted to say hi. Dan Deacon… good stuff! :o) Are you a musician yourself?



  2. aoifemc said,

    Hey Matt
    Musician in the absolutely broadest sense of the word. Which means: no! But in the words of Garth Algar, I like to play.

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