One Day International last Thursday

August 30, 2007 at 9:21 am (The Show)

peter gabriel
God dammit. My flatmate has been playing Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill over, and over, and over for the last week. It’s because it’s his girlfriend’s favourite song, and she lives in England. So it’s quite sweet, as he’s playing it because he misses her – I just wish it wasn’t Peter Gabriel. Gagh. Please hurry up and move to Dublin, bananna!

We had a rather rich tapestry of music on the indie hour last Thursday night. We had been scheduled to have Ilya K on the show with us, but the lads’ drummer broke his collarbone over the weekend, thus bringing them to cancel all of their up-coming Dublin shows – apart from their HWCH slot – and we figured it might be better to have them in for a chat once they’d gotten over the temporary loss of a band member!

Through the fault of a malfunctioning myspace message, I only found out about the cancellation at 10pm on Wednesday night. And so it was to my mobile phone to see who I might be able to round up for an interview at such short notice.

I got to the Cs in my phonebook and came across Cormac Curran – keyboardist of The Maladies – and remembered that One Day International were due for an invite on to the indie hour. Within half an hour, I’d confirmed with Cormac and Matt Lunson that the band would be able to come down to the show the following evening, and thus my broadcasting ass had been saved.

One Day International was an exciting project to hear about, as I have a huge amount of respect for the individuals who make up the group. Matt Lunson’s 2006 album Miss Vaughan still remains one of my favourite albums, and Cormac has always wooed audiences with his piano talents and (shamefully under-used) vocal ability. Teaming up with Danny Snow on bass, the supremely talented Eimear O’Grady on cello and Ross Turner – perhaps one of the best drummers in Dublin? – the group have been letting themselves mature in the studio and rehearsal rooms, before having a gig debut at the upcoming Hard Working Class Heroes festival this year.

Pictures of One Day International courtesy of White Noise Visuals.

The band came down to the studio and played three rather gorgeous tracks for us – I was disappointed that we couldn’t have more time with them actually, but there was a lot of music to get through! We started the show with The Jimmy Cake’s The Opposite of Addiction from their album Dublin Gone Everybody Dead, as they made a very welcome return to the live circuit after a brief hiatus by playing Crawdaddy the same night as the show (otherwise I would have been there) as well as next weekend’s (yay!) Electric Picnic. We also heard LPX’s Heartbeats and Knife Attacks from his mini-album Experiments in Dub and Hi-Fi, released on Saturday in the Boom Boom Room. Nialler9 recommended the blinking brilliant Fix Up Cognac by Sixfoot Apprentice, a mash-up of Milanese’s Caramel Cognac and Dizzee Rascal’s Fix Up Look Sharp.

We also spoke to Creator about the gig in The Village, supporting Kid 606 alongside Herv. Brought to us by Fire At Night Promotions, the gig was perhaps not as healthily attended as it could have been – it was up against the mighty Battles in Tripod after all. Kid 606 wasn’t as exciting and engaging as he was the last time I saw him, but there were plenty of good moments, and the support from Creator and Herv was more than complimentary to the set up the evening. Fire At Night are due to be bringing more gigs to a venue near you soon, so keep an eye out for them.

Check out this month’s Nialler9 podcast, now available for download. It’s an electric picnic special, and hopefully it’ll be of use to some of you festival goers, although I don’t think anyone needs any encouragement in the way of getting excited about the favourite weekend of the year for most!

Until then, here’s last week’s show – enjoy.

One Day International Thursday 23rd August 2007

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  1. Andrew said,

    hey aoife,

    Just having a listen to the latest must be a whole lot handier uploading it than transcribing it word for word. πŸ˜‰
    Currently, I’m in the kitchen and the show is the soundtrack to me cooking trout for my dad. True. More specifically, I’m thinking the climactic staccato chords at the end of the the Opposite of Addiction (duh duh, duh duh, duh duh, duh duh, duh duh) should synchronize with me staring at the trout, checking if its cooked, “duh duh” (camera on my face) “duh duh” (camera on the trouts..face) cutting back and forth, a tragic standoff between myself and the semi-charred fish…

    Anyways, have a good time at the electric breakfast. It’ll be deadly I’m sure. Unfortunately I won’t be attending as i’ll be on a French beach doing beachy things, grabbing fists of sand, letting it fall out my hand, thinking how sand is important somehow, and how the seagulls are probably plotting something sinister, maybe shake my fist in the air at them and mutter “bastards” under my breath, then wade into the water, unconsciously going out far enough to be outside the zone where high kiddy piss concentrations are betrayed by that horrific stray warmth, then get a shudder of irrational shark fear, are they in the Atlantic or the Mediterranean?, wonder about other fish too, they wouldn’t bite would they?, oh fuck, but jellyfish!..they’re stupid, they’ll just mill into me like big drunk sub-aqueous wine gums, “oh sorry man”, “too fucking late for apologies dude, I’ve already been stung because of your sloppy navigation, and why do you have stings anyway? who hunts you? where’s the incentive? nobody wants a mouthful of salty glob. not even the most gustatorily adventurous sea urchin that lives in the darkest suburbs of reefs ville would even contemplate chowing down on such a pointless membrane”.

    I’m giving out to a hypothetical jellyfish…I’ve rambled quite enough.

  2. aoifemc said,

    You my friend, are a complete legend. Legend. See you soon you crazy fairyboy

  3. baz said,

    Not a PG fan then?
    understandable though considering what your flatmate put you through!
    even I would be fit to kill anyone that played Solsbury Hill repeatedly πŸ˜‰
    don’t be put off though, all of PG albums 1 to 4 contain moments of unparalleled genius

    oh, like the podcasts by the way!

  4. aoifemc said,

    Cheers Baz – maybe I’ve judged peter gabriel too harshly. Once my flatmate stops playing the fricking song I might check him out again!

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