Kill City Bonus Parties

September 17, 2007 at 4:20 pm (Uncategorized)

Fun and fights were had last Saturday night in Eamonn Doran’s at Kill City Defector’s launch gig for their debut albums Mutiny Sounds, with support from Super Extra Bonus Party:

Check out the rest of Ian Oliver’s pics here.

Stay tuned to this blog for the interview with Kill City Defectors from last Thursday on the indie hour – the mp3 will be up shortly.


  1. Niall said,

    that’s brilliant!

  2. aoifemc said,

    Nice pic eh?

  3. Niall said,

    you forgot to title the post.

    v confusing!

  4. John Cav said,

    I missed it. Darn. Sounded like a right old larf.

    I on the other hand was in The Village at a joint birthday celebration. Oh, the shenanigans that unfolded… The consequences that were ignored (temporarily)… Good times.

  5. sistemas de control de flotas said,

    Romney’s suggestion…

    when most of the others were squirmingly silent was an act of pure kindness and self-sacrificing generosity. It was not especially noticeable. But if you were Rick Perry in that moment, you were well aware that Romney was the one who tried to save you….

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