KCDs last Thursday

September 18, 2007 at 3:47 pm (The Show)

Kill City Defectors launched their album Mutiny Sounds last Saturday night in Eamonn Doran’s to a crowd of revellers in the crustiest venue in town. I don’t care if the pizza is good – which it most certainly is – it’s still an awful kip.

Within thirty seconds of the KCD’s first track, there was a twenty person brawl, involving the stage crasher who had graced the stage during Super Extra Bonus Party’s set, and was back up for more straight into the KCD set. The Kildare representatives in the crowd were having none of it, and a cocktail of testosterone/alcohol-fuelled barney ensued.

It was in someways a very fitting beginning of the launch of an album which has actually seen drama after drama since its initial recording a few months back. Iain, Greg, Colly and Dave came on the show last week and told us tales of CSS buses, arrests, broken toes, server meltdowns, mysterious masterer illnesses and much, much more.

Each member of the band picked a track from their debut album to play for us – we heard Your Mutiny, Reveal, Black Sheep and Cartoon Coloured Antics, the last of which was promised for the launch gig on Saturday night. And what cartoon coloured antics they were too.

Check out more pics from the launch night by the incandescent Ian Oliver.

On this show, we started off with Cut My Wings from Seasick Steve, who is playing in The Speigeltent on Tuesday the 18th as part of Dublin’s Fringe Festival. We also heard the scandalously catchy Little Messy from Grand Pocket Orchestra, a band I’m delighted to say will be on the show in a few weeks. Looking forward to hearing them play at the up-coming Hard Working Class Heroes festival. Nialle9 recommended Cadence Weapon’s track Sharp from his album Breaking Kayfabe.

We finished off the show with Crystle Cat from Dan Deacon, in honour of him losing his head and finding it again. Sometimes there really is justice in the world.

Here it is so:


Kill City Defectors Thursday 13th September 2007

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