Speigeltents and buzz cuts by kids

September 24, 2007 at 2:25 pm (Uncategorized)

Great night on Friday in The Speigeltent with Super Extra Bonus Party and Lucky Soul, hosted by Mongrel and Monster Truck. First time I made it down to the Speigeltent this Fringe festival, glad I did too, such a lovely venue. Danced like a loon to the Bonus Partyers, but wasn’t intp Lucky Soul as much, although both bands went down rather well with the Mongrel reading crowd.

Got my haircut by kids on Saturday afternoon when I went down to CHQ on the docklands. After I signed the slightly unnerving ‘I will not sue if the kids hurt me with the scissors’ agreement, I was assigned to my two stylists Shane and Adam, who are in sixth class in a school in Fairview.They were proper little pros, full of the chat of true hairdressers. They were telling me they got involved in the fringe project because their teacher is “always putting us in for stuff” and they had two days training last week before their big days on Saturday and Sunday. Before me, Shane had cut four heads of hair and Adam had cut two. One of Adam’s customers had dreds, which he said he couldn’t even get the comb through, and Shane was telling us that one guy left a bit unhappy with half a shaved head dyed blue. “He said ‘Do whatever you want’ so I did” Shane said innocently.

This is not me

They asked me what I wanted done; did I want colours, a trim, layering, a shave (Shane at this point holding the electric razor menacingly close to my bonnet) and so I opted for the safe trim and some non-permanent neon colours. Adam was about to start cutting when he was admonished by Shane – “You have to section it before ya start cutting, Adam!!” – and so the hair was sectioned off and half my locks were clipped up. I heard a snip and an intake of breath – “Ehhh…is it ok if I take off that much?” said Adam, rather sheepishly, holding up about four inches of my freshly chopped hair in front of my face.

Hmmm…how to react?

“Yup, that’s perfect Adam.”

The lads worked together making sure the trim was straight as a ruler, while telling me about their school and what they wanted to do when they were grown ups. Neither of them wanted to be hairdressers. After the trim was finished, they applied some neon blue and red streaks, brushed me off for excess hair and I was ready to go, four inches of hair length lighter.

However – very conveniently one might think – the photos of this event were deleted by mistake. No, honestly, the kids did a great job, they did not butcher my hair and the photos were deleted by genuine mistake and not to save my folicle pride.  There was a fringe photographer there so if the photos turn up on their site I’ll post them here as proof!

Looking forward to HWCH next weekend – congrats to our ticket competition winner. The mp3 from last Thursday’s show with Bats will be up on the blog shortly.


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