Bats last Thursday

September 26, 2007 at 10:51 am (The Show)

Christ. Did anyone happen to read Gavin Lambe-Murphy’s confessional piece in the Sunday Times? Words fail me. Poor little it boy.

We were joined last Thursday by Dublin based Bats, for a run through of some kitchen recorded demos and a chinwag about their contemporaries, how they got together and what their myspace address really means.

Photo by Ian Oliver

It was a bit of a Popular Records and Armed Ambitions // Organised Ideas extravaganza of an evening, as the bands featured in the first half of the show were from or have some relation to both DIY labels. I first heard of Bats through Adebisi Shank, who have played on the same bill as the lads a number of times. Hearing Terrordactyl at the beginning of this year was a mighty introduction to the refreshing scene (for want of a better word) which is made up of members of the DIY bands that play gigs in The Lower Deck and The Boom Boom Room in Dublin and I assume, similar venues around the country. These bands continue to release some of the most interesting and innovative music, in my mind, from Ireland (or Dublin at least) this year, most notably Adebisi Shank with This Is The EP of a Band Called Adebisi Shank, a favourite of mine. Bats have plans to release an EP later this year, as do Terrordactyl.

On this show, we heard the aforementioned Adebisi Shank’s Caddyshank, and Vimanas’ Black Train, from their EP which was released last Saturday in The Lower Deck with support from Bats, Herv and Adebisi Shank. Pam from The Moshpit, the show which follows the indie hour at 10pm on Thursdays, must have thought I was trying to steal her genre.

Nialler9 recommended Esau Mwamwaya’s Tengazako which samples MIA’s Paper Planes and The Clash’s Straight To Hell. Check the video out from Esau in his shop in East London:

Sweet! Incidentally, this month’s nialler9 podcast is up and ready to go.

We also spoke to Angela Dorgan from Hard Working Class Heroes, taking place in Dublin this weekend the 28th til the 30th of September. Angela told us about the eclectism (it’s a word now by gum) of the Irish acts this year, why she feels HWCH has helped the Irish music scene grow a little bit, and the reason for the venue change from the various venues in Temple Bar to the concentrated venue of the Pod complex. You can buy tickets through ticketmaster – it’s ridiculously good value at 30euro for over 100 bands so come down next weekend. To finish the show, we heard Miriam Ingram’s Inhale from her wonderful album Trampoline. Miriam will be playing at HWCH on Friday at 10pm in The Odeon venue.

Here you have it then…


BATS Thursday 20th September 2007

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  1. John Cav said,

    I got some of the way through that awful Gambo story and then had to stop. It was upsetting me… I mean, the things he has gone through… None of us could possibly understand the strain of it all… Thank God he made it through though… The world needs It boys! And he’s the best!

    IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Some of the above may be sarcasm.

    So, how was Feist?

  2. aoifemc said,

    Gambo. What a trooper. He was a lucky boy though – his parents bailed him out.
    Feist was just gorgeous. Her band were a bit meh but she was wonderful.
    Hard Working Class Heroes this weekend?

  3. control de flotas de vehiculos said,

    The voice belonged to Mitt Romney…

    As Perry’s brain was hardening into arctic pack ice, Romney suggested that maybe the third agency he wanted to eliminate was the EPA. Yeah, that’s it! But no, it wasn’t. Pressed by Harwood, Perry said it wasn’t the EPA, but blast if he could remember w…

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