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October 29, 2007 at 4:02 pm (Uncategorized) ()

They’re so…thin. Pass me the crisps, will you?

I spent much of this bank holiday weekend under a duvet on my bf’s couch with a few boxes of pringles and a remote control. I don’t have a telly in my own flat – I have a tv and dvd player but I’m not hooked up to channels or cable, the reason for which I was reminded of this weekend. If I had access to the plethora of mind-numbingly brain dissolving reality tv programmes, I’d never make it to work.

I saw Louis, Shaz, Kylie’s sister and Simon C on X Factor and approved of their encouragement of their charges and booed when they were mean about the other contestants; while watching The Pussycat Dolls reality programme, where they’re looking for the newest member of the pro-feminist pop group, I identified with the underdog and hissed at the bitchy one while the ladies did their best to be ‘individual’; I felt a bit fat and lazy while watching the Dirty Dancing programme, where ten lads and ten ladies are paired up to re-create scenes from the iconic 1987 flick and do their best Johnny and Baby impressions.

I started watching the telly on Saturday morning, only stopping to sleep (on the couch) until Sunday evening. I also saw Come Dine With Me, E! Weekend News, Young, Sexy and Rich, Hot New Celebrity Couples, America’s Next Top Model…Do you think it would be fair to say that 80% of programmes on TV are reality programmes? I know I’m very late to this whole TV buzz thing, but wow. It’s quite spectacular, isn’t it?

What’s funny is how you’re set up by the makers of the programmes and how you inevitably fall in the viewer/consumer role – rooting for the underdog, getting wound up by some impish Irish cretin talking about showbiz, moaning at the lack of integrity or any sense of dignity of the semi-clad ladies shaking their bums and saying ‘I’ve just always known, since I was a little girl, that my destiny is to be famous.’ Famous for what?

But by moaning and getting upset, while sprawled on the couch in your old PJs and mismatched socks, cradling a box of chocs and surrounded by the debris of two astronomically wasted days, you’re participating in the whole charade. It really is total bullshit. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Among all the above mentioned programmes, I did however get through a Top 100 Greatest Album List Show (OK Computer was no1) and watched quite a few Top 50 Forgotten Gems of the 1980s type programmes – it was on one of said programmes that I saw the below video. It was definitely a highlight of the viewing weekend. I kind of remember the song I’d Rather Jack, but somehow my mind has blanked out the dancing and outfits of The Reynold’s Girls.


The Jimmy Cake interview from last Thursday will be up in a few hours, where you can hear three of the tracks from the stunning new as yet untitled new album, to be released early 2008.


  1. mike said,

    yeah tryin to watch the freakin premiership turns into a battle against the dark forces of bulshit

  2. aoifemc said,

    Yeah…sorry about that mike. A man can’t even watch a flippin football game for jemimas sake

  3. luncheon roll said,

    Oh bless you with the blogroll!! Just caught sight there!

    I’m 100% with you on the Reality TV ish. My two kids have been begging for NTL/Sky digital for years now, because twelve hours of Den TV and Nickelodeon’s just not enough. I put my foot down and said no…for the preservation of their delightfully round eyes, naturellement…nothing to do with the fact that these programmes, turgid, banal, eyewatering, knicker-strangling, hair-extension-rippingingly bad as they are, are also totally addictive. I broke up with my bf a few weeks ago but before that, was at the mercy of his hate computers/love couchy-tv company. Plus he insisted on bringing around his black market signal decoder so there was loads of Who Will Marry Jodie Marsh, for example. Ker-ist… the woman’s the visual equivalent of the Madrid bombings and yet you can’t peel your eyes away as the nauseated parents of the man she’s known six hours are informed of the nuptials, or her arrival at the church…in a transit van that looks suspiciously like the one Kill City Defectors have been bangering around the country in for God knows how long…
    i have a plan. I’m gonna invite you around to the gaff and play that Bacardi-Happy-Bastards loop at the same time. You can smash my telly and feel cathartic, I can seek reparations and buy all of RoadRecs. Happy days!
    Cheers Aoife 🙂

  4. aoifemc said,

    The visual equivalent of the Madrid bombings – fucking ace!!! HAH!!
    KCD’s van heehee!!!
    Bacardi ads though, seriously.

  5. Sarah said,

    Having NTL/digital has resulted in me being occasionally transfixed by Wife Swap, followed up by Wife Swap. Keep yourself cable free.
    I remember that I’d Rather Jack song, for some reason I thought it was someone called Sinnita, or those two girls that were in WHAM! that sang it!!?

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