Nialler9 Podcast #9

November 25, 2007 at 12:47 pm (Uncategorized)

The ninth Nialler9 podcast is up and ready for download.  We’re off to Poland this afternoon, so until Thursday the 6th of December, have a good one.

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The Urges in a Psych Ward

November 24, 2007 at 5:30 pm (The Show) (, )

The Urges by Ian Oliver

Jim and Glen from The Urges joined us on the indie hour the other night, and it was a delight to have them. After Caribou on Tuesday and The Go!Team on Wednesday night and work in between, I was…shall we say…ragged? The lads were truly soothing company to have around and help me through my hangover. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking doing live radio anyway, but when you have alcohol anxiety, it can be terrifying. So big thanks to the lads for being such laid back cool guests!

We talked about garage music in Ireland and around the world, about bass players who can’t play, hypno shirts, pointy shoes, analogue studios and we listened to four tracks from their album Psych Ward.

We also spoke to Gavin Simplistic Cow about Merchantsville, a gig happening in McGruder’s on Thomas Street, featuring a line-up of 31 acts all together. He told us about the idea behind Merchantsville and what The Hassle Merchants have been up to in the last couple of months.

We started the show with Floating from Jape, which is one of my favourite songs of all time. It’s perfect. Nialler9 recommended Oh My God from Ida Maria, which is a great little song, and will feature on the next Nialler9 podcast which will be up shortly on Nialler9. We heard TMWBK Hassle Merchants and we finished the show with Toe to Toe from the deadly Kill City Defectors.

Here it is so – modtastic.


The Urges Thursday 22nd November 2007

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Leave our blogger alone

November 24, 2007 at 4:06 pm (Uncategorized)

Some spa hole has been acting like a complete prick to Nialler after The Go!Team post where Niall wrote honestly about his good and bad experiences on the night.

Stupid sap. You better not come into the blogosphere again or you’ll get your arse kicked by a bunch of angry nerds.

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Holy Hail it’s Friday

November 23, 2007 at 12:35 pm (Uncategorized)

Bad Books at Seomra Spraoi, Mary’s Abbey, near Capel Street

Had loads of fun last night on the show with Jim and Glenn from The Urges, who helped me get through my indie hour despite having a stonking hangover brought about by a great night in Tripod at The Go!Team. That mp3 will be up before the weekend is through.

Quite a few things to be doing this weekend, as per usual. Here’s a few ideas:

You could start off your weekend tonight by catching electronic and dub maestros Fringe, Lakker, Prince Kong, T-woc and PCP, and loads more, at The Alphabet Set and Radio na Life shindig in Seomra Spraoi, the community centre just off Capel Street.  Doors are at 10pm and there’s a suggested donation of 8euro. Sure, Jape is playing in Crawdaddy, but he’ll be there tomorrow night as well, so I’d suggest Seomra Spraoi for tonight, which is, incidentally, a BYOB kind of affair. Nice.

After that, you could head down to Crawdaddy for Africana, a new African music nightclub, with all proceeds going to New Light Foundation.   It’s basically an opportunity to dance to some afrobeat for a good cause.  It’s a tenner in and doors are at 11pm.

Saturday you could start early by heading to Merchantsville for a free beer at 3pm in McGruder’s of Thomas Street, and catch a few of the 31 acts playing there that day, incuding Band On An Island, Kill City Defectors, The Hassle Merchants and Lauren Guillery & The Claws.

After that you have a choice between two of Dublin’s three garage bands – you can check out The Urges in The Voodoo Lounge, with support from Ultra Twist and The Nackers, or you can head down to The Lower Deck near Portobello Bridge for The Things, where they’re releasing their EP Wild Psychotic Sounds on 12″ vinyl.  Or you could of course head to Crawdaddy for Jape.  If you’re not going to see Richie, there’s always Holy Hail and Bonde de Role in The Button Factory, which promises to be a rudey dudey night.  Lots of fun I’d say.

Whatever you choose, hope you have a good one.  I’m off to Poland for a holiday on Sunday, very much looking forward to it.  I’m going to Wroclaw, and I really like that when you read the name of the town it looks like RockClaw.  That’s not how you really pronounce it though.

Next week’s indie hour will be taken over by The Moshpit, who are going to be starting at 9pm, instead of their usual 10pm, and will be taking you through your Thursday night until 11pm, so do tune in to 103.2 Dublin City FM next Thursday for that.

As I said, The Urges mp3 from last night will be up before I scoot off to Poland for a week of vodka-fuelled falling in the snow while eating bowls of gołąbki.  Wroc on.

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The Urges Tonight

November 22, 2007 at 10:27 am (Uncategorized)

Do tune in this evening at 9pm on Dublin City 103.2 FM when we shall be joined on the indie hour by The Urges, to talk about their gig in The Voodoo Lounge this coming Saturday.

We’ll also be talking to a Simplistic Cow about the Merchantsville gig happening this Saturday in McGruder’s of Thomas Street.

Head to our live webstream if you’re not a local.

Until then…happy Thursday…

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The Things last Thursday

November 22, 2007 at 10:02 am (The Show)

Wow. What a week so far. Crayonsmith and Caribou on Tuesday night, and Super Extra Bonus Party, Cadence Weapon and The Go!Team last night in Tripod – all amazing. Last night was so much fun. I want a pair of purple tights and green shorts. But, due to all the fun at the gigs, my blogging has, alas, suffered. So just getting around to this mp3 today – apologies.
We were joined last Thursday by Robbie and Rory from Dublin’s original garage band – well, the original garage band post the year 2000 – The Things.

The lads talked us through the EP Wild Psychotic Sounds, which they are releasing on 12″ vinyl this Saturday in Portobello’s Lower Deck. As the lads said themselves, The Lower Deck is small enough for you to get up and close to the lads while they deliver their brand sweat-soaked bile-spouting garage rock.

Also on this show, we heard Stingray from Terrordactyl’s debut EP, Do You Karate? from Fight Like Apes, Attention! from Dry County, and Nialler9 recommended Born of A Star from Holy Hail.

Here it is, you bunch of….towels.


The Things Thursday 15th November 2007

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RSAG & MJEX at Tailor’s Hall

November 19, 2007 at 11:54 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

Bummed that I missed this Murky Nights gig over the weekend – didn’t even know about it until I saw it on Phantom FM’s Graveyard Shift Shane’s blog yesterday, where he has a write-up of the dramatic evening and a vid of one of my favourite Irish acts of 2007, Rarely Seen Above Ground.

Would’ve also liked the chance to see Messiah J & The Expert again, as well as getting to see another gig in the stunning Tailor’s Hall, which is probably one of the most unique venues in Dublin. It’s only used for gigs a few times a year and it really makes for a special evening. And that’s even without the fire brigade turning up.

Have a look at the RSAG footage on Shane’s Blog.

Here’s the mp3 of the show we did with Jeremy aka RSAG back in July of this year, in case you missed it the first time around.

Here’s a peek at Tailor’s Hall – nice, eh?

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Steely Morning Blues Dan

November 19, 2007 at 10:27 am (Uncategorized)

Nothing like a bit of Steely Dan for the Monday morning blues.

The Things mp3 will be up shortly…

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The Things tonight

November 15, 2007 at 1:35 pm (Uncategorized)

Do tune in this evening at 9pm to Dublin City 103.2 FM when we shall be joined on the indie hour by those horrors from the underbelly’s undergrowth of Dublin’s underground scene, The Things.

We’ll also be playing through some class tunes so remember, if you can’t get us on the dial, you can listen on line.

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John Hegarty and Dr Skethcy’s

November 14, 2007 at 5:09 pm (The Show)

Head down to Dr Sketchy’s tonight for an alternative life-drawing class in The Hairy Lemon, just across from Break for the Border in Dublin town. Check out Dr Sketchy’s website and the Dublin Dr Sketchy’s myspace for all further details, it’ll be an interesting night out for sure!

We heard a bit about Dr Sketchy’s last week on the show, thanks to Maria Corbett who is involved in the Dublin quarter of this international anti-art school.

We also spoke to John Hegarty, who joined us in studio to play through his album Guiding Light as well as treating us to a live performance. He told us about taking his time to record the follow up to his debut albums (seven years time), how he found the right producer (Experimental Audio) and about creating a band sound with the concentration on just one man.

Also on this show we listened to San Fran from Hybrasil, Nialler9 recommended Jape’s Christopher and Anthony (available on Jape’s myspace) and we listened to Hikikomouri from Terrordactyl, ahead of their EP launch last Friday in The Lower Deck.

Here it is so!


John Hegarty Thursday 8th November 2007

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