The Cosiest Cushions of All

November 6, 2007 at 1:11 am (The Show) (, )

On the bus on the way into work today, two bus inspectors got on at Camden Street. After getting over the initial irrational ‘fuck! I haven’t paid the full fare’ fear left over from college days, I remembered one of the funnier things I saw while living in London a few years ago.

I was on the top of a double decker bus heading towards Shepherd’s Bush when two ticket inspectors came on and inevitably found a youf who did not have the correct ticket. After a lengthy exchange between the two London Bus employees and the teenager about whether or not he had paid the 70p or if the ticket had been bought two weeks previous or if the bus driver would remember that the kid had paid enough, the ticket inspectors went downstairs to speak to the driver and told the young fella not to move. As if he had anywhere to go, right?

So, the inspectors head downstairs, and the young kid stands up, walks to the back of the bus, opens the emergency exit window at the back, and jumps out.

Okay, right. The bus was at a traffic light, and was not moving. And when I say the kid jumped, it’s probably more accurate to say he scaled down the bus. All I know is that I saw him leg him it away from the bus unscathed and knew he was all right. Not even a bruise. It was quite impressive.

The funniest bit of all this was when the inspectors came back up to the top of the bus to give the kid a fat fine. They came up and looked around a bit confused, and all we could say was ‘He just jumped out the back.’

I enjoyed the show last Thursday a lot. We were joined by Rich Bolhaus and Orla Nolan from House of Cosy Cushions, ahead of their gig this Thursday in Whelans. They played two songs and we listened to Palace For The Lost Ones, from their EP of the same name.

We also spoke to Messiah J from Messiah J & The Expert about their pending new album, about the whole SXSW experience, the Choice Awards, and how they’ve been received as an Irish hip hop act in various venues around the western world.

We started the show with Day The Arms That Came Out Of The Wall from The Jimmy Cake, nialler9 recommended Dark Day from Chromatics, finishing off with Superfamous Supertune from Messiah J and The Expert.

Listen up…


House of Cosy Cushions and Messiah J & The Expert Thursday 1st November

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