Spraoi for All

November 11, 2007 at 5:29 pm (Uncategorized)

In a hangover induced haze from the previous night’s debauchery at the Terrordactyl EP Launch in The Lower Deck – which was fucking ace – I went to Seomra Spraoi just off Capel Street for the Spraoi for All gig in the late afternoon. The space they have there is fantastic, and is currently being used for different groups and collectives as a base for alternative community projects. The bands playing at this month’s Spraoi for All were Zing, Swing Youth and Party Weirdo.

I arrived at the end of Zing’s set, but managed to catch all of Swing Youth, who were bloody brilliant! A seven piece – although just a six piece yesterday, I think their trumpet player was missing – ska-tastic affair, they look like they’re barely out of school and they can really, really play. Book them for your birthday and wedding parties. The crowd of about 30 folks at the spraoi for all demanded an encore to which they replied ‘ehhhh…we actually don’t have any more songs!’ They played a song that they hadn’t played for a long time instead, and that even sounded great.

They were followed by the inimitable Party Weirdo. It was my first time seeing Party Weirdo, much to Siobhan Magical Girl’s astonishment. They were really fun – the drummer has an apron with a willy on it, and she hangs it on the kick drum, so when she plays, the willy bounces forward and back in a rather amusing manner. The girls have silly songs, they have a laugh on stage, and even though they’re messing, they’re not just messers; the quirky songs are cool too. Drummer Emily is wicked on the auld tom toms, and she actually looks like she’s really enjoying herself. Cara sings the sometimes ridiculous lyrics with a deadpan expression while playing the geetar and pushing buttons on the synth, and Therese plucks the bass and toots on the flute, and has the sweetest voice I’ve heard in a while. All together, the one word to describe them that keeps coming back to me is just, simply, fun. Fun with Party Weirdo. Invite them to all your parties. I think the only reason there were no dancers at this show was because there was no booze at the event, and we all know that without alcohol no Irish person can dance. Not even Twink.

Spraoi for All happens every month, so keep an eye on their myspace for the next gig. It’s an all ages gig so bring your little brothers or sisters to check out some great bands in the unique setting of Seomra Spraoi.

Here’s a peek at Party Weirdo – this their song Chart Your Cycle, recorded at ALAF Ireland back in May.


  1. Jim Dubh said,

    Afternoon & evening gigging, eh? Sounds to me like you have a DIY festival going on there!

    Hope that you did not look at that Terrordactyl poster below during your hungover state! 🙂

  2. aoifemc said,

    It’s gotta be done! I love that terrordactyl poster – I believe it was one of the BATS lads who designed it.

  3. unarocks said,

    I need shiny gold leggings in my life.

  4. aoifemc said,

    I know, Una, seriously. They had silver ones in penney’s a while back….

  5. Those Party Weirdo girls are bleedin Weirdos « The Indie Hour said,

    […] may remember from my previous post that I was won over by Party Weirdo’s infectiously merrymaking live show, when I saw them a […]

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