John Hegarty and Dr Skethcy’s

November 14, 2007 at 5:09 pm (The Show)

Head down to Dr Sketchy’s tonight for an alternative life-drawing class in The Hairy Lemon, just across from Break for the Border in Dublin town. Check out Dr Sketchy’s website and the Dublin Dr Sketchy’s myspace for all further details, it’ll be an interesting night out for sure!

We heard a bit about Dr Sketchy’s last week on the show, thanks to Maria Corbett who is involved in the Dublin quarter of this international anti-art school.

We also spoke to John Hegarty, who joined us in studio to play through his album Guiding Light as well as treating us to a live performance. He told us about taking his time to record the follow up to his debut albums (seven years time), how he found the right producer (Experimental Audio) and about creating a band sound with the concentration on just one man.

Also on this show we listened to San Fran from Hybrasil, Nialler9 recommended Jape’s Christopher and Anthony (available on Jape’s myspace) and we listened to Hikikomouri from Terrordactyl, ahead of their EP launch last Friday in The Lower Deck.

Here it is so!


John Hegarty Thursday 8th November 2007

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