The Things last Thursday

November 22, 2007 at 10:02 am (The Show)

Wow. What a week so far. Crayonsmith and Caribou on Tuesday night, and Super Extra Bonus Party, Cadence Weapon and The Go!Team last night in Tripod – all amazing. Last night was so much fun. I want a pair of purple tights and green shorts. But, due to all the fun at the gigs, my blogging has, alas, suffered. So just getting around to this mp3 today – apologies.
We were joined last Thursday by Robbie and Rory from Dublin’s original garage band – well, the original garage band post the year 2000 – The Things.

The lads talked us through the EP Wild Psychotic Sounds, which they are releasing on 12″ vinyl this Saturday in Portobello’s Lower Deck. As the lads said themselves, The Lower Deck is small enough for you to get up and close to the lads while they deliver their brand sweat-soaked bile-spouting garage rock.

Also on this show, we heard Stingray from Terrordactyl’s debut EP, Do You Karate? from Fight Like Apes, Attention! from Dry County, and Nialler9 recommended Born of A Star from Holy Hail.

Here it is, you bunch of….towels.


The Things Thursday 15th November 2007

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