The Urges in a Psych Ward

November 24, 2007 at 5:30 pm (The Show) (, )

The Urges by Ian Oliver

Jim and Glen from The Urges joined us on the indie hour the other night, and it was a delight to have them. After Caribou on Tuesday and The Go!Team on Wednesday night and work in between, I was…shall we say…ragged? The lads were truly soothing company to have around and help me through my hangover. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking doing live radio anyway, but when you have alcohol anxiety, it can be terrifying. So big thanks to the lads for being such laid back cool guests!

We talked about garage music in Ireland and around the world, about bass players who can’t play, hypno shirts, pointy shoes, analogue studios and we listened to four tracks from their album Psych Ward.

We also spoke to Gavin Simplistic Cow about Merchantsville, a gig happening in McGruder’s on Thomas Street, featuring a line-up of 31 acts all together. He told us about the idea behind Merchantsville and what The Hassle Merchants have been up to in the last couple of months.

We started the show with Floating from Jape, which is one of my favourite songs of all time. It’s perfect. Nialler9 recommended Oh My God from Ida Maria, which is a great little song, and will feature on the next Nialler9 podcast which will be up shortly on Nialler9. We heard TMWBK Hassle Merchants and we finished the show with Toe to Toe from the deadly Kill City Defectors.

Here it is so – modtastic.


The Urges Thursday 22nd November 2007

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