Bring The Toys!

December 11, 2007 at 1:25 pm (Uncategorized)

I really must learn how to make posters smaller. 

Head down to The Bernard Shaw this Thursday night for what promises to be a cracking night in aid of Temple Street & Crumlin Children’s Hospital.

The only pub in Dublin that boasts a tuck shop in the beer garden, this Thursday is your opportunity to see some of our best homegrown DJs battle it up in the name of yuletide and giving.

Neon Love a.k.a Miss Marcos and Speakertreatz vs Rock Jihad start off the night at 8pm, Large Mound Mobile Rock Disco vs Al Keegan are at 9pm, Jim Carroll vs Mark Kavanagh are at 10pm, with the night finishing up at 11pm with Richie Jape vs Johnny Moy.

So head down to The Bernard Shaw this Thursday, just before Portobello Bridge on the way to Rathmines, and don’t forget to bring a toy.

The Flaws mp3 will be up in a few hours – apologies for the delay.  I’ve been shopping.


  1. luncheon roll said,

    Looks like a christmas craic, eh?

    Oh god, tis the season for dreadful puns. Tra la la la!

    (btw IrfanView is a shareware product which works super-fast and saves ultra-small filesizes. WordPress pics/posters look good at 400px wide)

  2. aoifemc said,

    Christmas craicker more like.
    Irfan view you say? I’ll check it out.
    Thanks luncheon!

  3. Niall said,

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