The Minutes the Thursday before Christmas, and all through the station, nothing was stirring, not even a mic…

December 29, 2007 at 7:53 pm (Uncategorized)

Shane Minutes Tom Minutes Mark Minutes
Shane, Tom and Mark of The Minutes by Conor McCarthy

Well, that’s not strictly true. Having The Minutes in to the Dublin City FM studios meant there was plenty stirring, as the lads brought along with them a bit of banter and a whole lot of Christmas craic. Ho ho ho!

I first heard of The Minutes after this year’s Hard Working Class Heroes festival, when a friend recommended that I go see them. Now, unfortunately I didn’t make it to their set, but I did download their track Harmonic from the HWCH site, and invited them on the show.

Shane, Mark and Tom came down and were the first studio guests to stand up through out the entire interview. That was their choice, and facilitated by our fancy new microphones which Santa delivered to our East Wall Road premises earlier this year.

They spoke about life in a previous band and what they learned from that, about playing great support slots, about creating a big sound with only the three of them and about the recording of their tracks down in Grouse Lodge under the supervision of Gareth Mannix.

We played through three of their tracks, only one of which is over 3 minutes and 11 seconds long, an epic at 4 minutes. The lads also recommended These Roads from Channel One, an Irish band that they respect and predict great things for in 2008.

We started the show with The Jimmy Cake, who played a Christmas show in Whelan’s on the 23rd of December. The track was untitled when four of The Jimmy Cake came to visit us a few months back, and nameless as it is, it’s one of my favourite of the album which I was delighted to get a preview of. Looking forward to the release of that in 2008.

Nialler9 recommended Have You Seen In Your Dreams from Miracle Fortress’ album Five Roses, a band whom we both saw support Final Fantasy in Vicar Street last month. We finished up the show with Sarsparilla’s Rowboat Cop from the album Karahee, and also Xmas Number One from the awesome Vinny Club. Mary Healy joined us for the gig guide, and Ian Oliver was there to take the pics of The Minutes, which will be up on this blog for your viewing pleasure soon.

So here it is, a late Christmas gift for your ipod. Apologies for taking so long with this one, but you know what Christmas is like. I got a ukulele for Christmas and have been trying to learn it since Christmas morning. Time consuming little lovable guitar thing that it is. I intend to learn lots of The Band and Beirut on it in 2008. Huzzah!


The Minutes last Thursday 20th December

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