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January 7, 2008 at 12:17 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Super Extra Bonus Party before last week’s gig in The Village

Yikes! Christmas is bad for blogging. I’m finally posting the mp3 from the show I did on my lonesome on Thursday the 27th of December.

Throughout the year, I love having guests on the show to talk about their music. But, once a year, I really do relish the opportunity to just sit in front of the mic and play a few of my favourite tunes.

The Thursday before the end of 2007, I got through 12 of my favourite Irish songs from the past year. This list is in no way extensive, but were all that I could fit into my one hour of broadcasting.

Here is the playlist:

Channel OneRhythm & Purpose from the Permissions EP

So CowLeague of Impressionable Teens from the album These Truly Are End Times

Evil HarrisonsSome Grand Plan from the EP In If It Is

Super Extra Bonus PartyEverything Flows from the album Super Extra Bonus Party

Dry CountyAttention from the album Unexpected Falls

HybrasilSan Fran from the album The Monkey Pole

Fight Like ApesLend Me Your Face from the EP How Am I Supposed to Kill You If You’ve Got All the Guns?

Kill City DefectorsYour Mutiny from the album Mutiny Sounds

TerrordactylStingray from the EP Terrordactyl

Adebisi ShankJump Cut from the EP This Is The EP of a Band Called Adebisi Shank

Hooray for HumansSignature from the album Safekeeping

Adrian CrowleyThese Lay Waters from the album Long Distance Swimmer

And here they all are, for your listening pleasure.


The Indie Hour Thursday 27th December 2007

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  1. donal said,

    Don’t worry, I’m just catching up with the old shows having acquired a shiny new little iPod. Adrian Crowley got a good review in the Sunday Times this weekend, must check the album out.

  2. aoifemc said,

    Oh good! The show from last Thursday will probably be up tomorrow as well. Hooray for shiny new iPods! And do check out Adrian Crowley’s album, it’s as good as all the reviews have been saying. Beautiful stuff.

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