Adrian Crowley talks Fife

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Adrian at home in 2007

Last night, we were given some refuge from the cold, wet, and windy evening that it was by having the pleasure of being joined by Adrian Crowley on the indie hour.

I say ‘we’ but in fact it was just me. The Lovely Mary Healy had a sore throat, and The Wonderful Ian Oliver was down with the flu. So, there are no pics of Adrian on the indie hour, I stumbled through the gig guide, and it was just myself and Adrian in the studio, with a couple of cups of tea and a chinwag to keep us company. We had a lovely time.

Adrian talked us through Long Distance Swimmer, and about having a somewhat DIY approach to recording, different reactions to gigs in different cities around the world, and a fence collective in Fife.

Long Distance Swimmer has been nominated for this year’s Choice Music Prize – and rightly so. I’m a big fan of the album, having heard it for the first time back in December, and I intend listening to it straight through til the end of winter. And beyond.

On the show, we listened to Bless Our Tiny Hearts, Temporary Residence, Electric Eels, and Harmony Row from the album, recorded in 2007 in Adrian’s sister’s house. We started the show with the Cashier no9’s deliriously upbeat and lovesome track The Face Don’t Fit, which I found through the excellent first podcast from NoClarity, a sweet webmag from up Belfast way. Podcast #2 is up and ready to be enjoyed by your ears as well, so check it out.

Nialler9 recommended Mansard Roof from New York’s Vampire Weekend, and we finished the show with Radau from God Is An Astronaut’s Far From Refuge album, released last year. God Is An Astronaut are playing in The Button Factory in Dublin this Saturday 19th January.

So, here it is. I hope you can swim. Arf.

I’m too funny sometimes.


Adrian Crowley Thursday 17th of January

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  1. State Magazine | Asides: Adrian Crowley Indie Hour said,

    […] The Indie Hour interviews Choice Music Prize nominee Adrian Crowley. […]

  2. Annie Rhiannon said,

    I saw that God is an Astronaut gig by mistake, after being dragged along by a German friend who was raving about them. Great gig — but what I want to know is who was the warm-up act? They were hot, if ridiculous.

    Great pic of Adrian.

  3. aoifemc said,

    Hmmm, hot support band you say Annie? I haven’t a clue who they were, I didn’t make it to the gig in the end – I’ve never seen the Gods live actually, even though I’ve heard great things about them from my instrumental-post-rock-loving-nerd-type friends.
    I’m intrigued now about the support band – hot, if ridiculous? Must find out who they were!

  4. noiseannoys Gavan DCFM said,

    Hey Aoife,
    I see you are becoming a multi-media phenomenon.First radio, now magazines!!
    Good Luck
    Gavan K

  5. aoifemc said,

    Hey Gavan
    No, no magazines for me!! The state website just linked to my blog about Adrian, which was very nice of them, but I’m not involved in the mag. Looks like it’s going to be a great magazine, much needed in Ireland.
    Hope your show is going well, see you soon!

  6. It’s all about the Choice… « The Indie Hour said,

    […] Adrian Crowley 17th January post […]

  7. go anime said,

    I’ll try to get the hold of it!

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