I feel fat…

February 6, 2008 at 5:38 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

the indie hour. Nuts.

Eoghan over at CLUAS has put together a very interesting post about skinny and bloated music blogs. He called the indie hour fat. I can’t beLIEVE he said that. Ah no, I’m just messing.

He’s talking about how blogs and websites with loads of images and videos and doodahs are difficult to view through your average internet connection, and has a very easy to understand guide to how not to clog up and slow down your blog, while still making it look nice. It’s sort of like What Not To Wear for Blogs.

He’s put together a chart of the top Irish Music Blogs to compare their flabbiness. Thrill Pier, French Letter and Sinead Gleeson are the Nicole Ritchies it seems, while MP3 Hugger, The Red Scrapbook and Nialler9 are kind of like the Jade Goodys, while the indie hour, Matt Vinyl and Asleep On The Compost Heap are the Roseanne Barrs of the blogging world.

Right. It’s time for the indie hour to go on a non-flash image blogging detox diet. Crud. I hate diets.



  1. gardenhead said,

    Hahhah thats gas. I’m just above the extreme danger zone. Dont really get it though. I normally put up only small pictures on the ‘heap.

  2. Sinead said,

    Who’re you calling Nicole Ritchie? 🙂

  3. aoifemc said,

    Heehee! I know gardenhead, I always thought you were very trim. Especially with all your soup diets and such.
    Come on, Sinead, don’t be one of those thin bloggers who always says ‘I’m sooo fat!’ 🙂

  4. Eddie said,

    that’s food for thought *boom tish*

    we’re just chubby chasers round these parts.

  5. luncheon roll said,

    Pass the Creme Eggs!

  6. aoifemc said,

    Chubby chasers who like Creme Eggs. Sigh. Oh, when will I achieve my blog-goal weight??

  7. aidan said,

    [Scene: Irish Blog Awards]

    French Letter: “Wow, The Indie Hour, you look great! You’ve lost weight, haven’t you?”

    The Indie Hour: *blush* Ah, thanks!! But how do you French blogs always stay so thin?”

  8. ctrl/alt/delete said,

    we at the egoeccentric team must remember its just love not love

  9. Ian said,

    Rosanne has lost loads of weight recently.

  10. hugger said,

    All I can say is; they were trying to use me as an escape goat.

  11. aoifemc said,

    [Scene: Irish Blog Awards]

    French Letter has just told the indie hour how the French blogs stay so thin. Indie hour is now talking to fellow fattie Magooo.

    French Letter turns to On The Record and whispers ‘I was only lying about her having lost weight. I think she’s gotten fatter!’

    On The Record replies, bitingly, ‘I know! Did you SEE the amount of blog entries on her home page?! She’s such a pig.’

  12. aoifemc said,

    Oh and EgoEccentric – our friends in fatness. You know what they say, the more of you there is…the more of you there is to love. You look great the way you are anyway, don’t mind those skinny bitches.

  13. ctrl/alt/delete said,

    what i ment to say was its just food not love , my fat fingers cant use the keyboard that well

  14. aoifemc said,

    Ian, you’re right actually. But she had to have her stomach stapled. What’s the blogging equivalent of that?

    Hugger – they have put you in quite an awkward position actually. You’re pretty much smack bang in the middle of the fatties and the skinny minnys – but whose side are you on, eh? Eh?

    Why did CLUAS have to start this image war amongst blogs? As if the back-biting and high-heated commenting wasn’t going to get bad enough before the blog awards. What’s become of us??

  15. hugger said,

    I am intelligent, but I let myself down because I can’t speak properly or spell.

  16. aoifemc said,

    Hugger – you mean there’s no such thing as an ‘escape’ goat?
    Awww…I’m strangely disappointed.

  17. Matt Vinyl said,

    I may be fat on the outside but if you dig deeper you’ll realise it’s a skinny blog trapped inside a fat blog.

    Anyhow, I consider my blog to be ‘Phat’ rather than fat.

    Only computer nerds give out about the use of ‘Flash’ and sure who’d listen to them in any case?

  18. red said,

    Madness. I thought I was so slim- no mp3’s, no videos. Well, ok, I thought I was lazy, but not of Jade Goody size proportions in my worst nightmares. Oh well, it’s supposed to be a scrapbook. What would a scrapbook be without pictures?

  19. nialler9 said,

    I’m perfectly happy with my current BMI (Blog Mass Index), thank you very much.

  20. aoifemc said,

    Matt – you’re totally phat.

    Red – you ARE slim. And perfectly scrappy just the way you are. I really love your blog by the way, don’t think I’ve ever commented on it before!

  21. luncheon roll said,

    The revolution will not be microwaved, deep-fried or sugar-coated.

    I reckon it’s all an exaggeration anyway. Analog tv will soon be terminated and until they do the same with dial-up, we should fill our blogs with calorific goodness.
    Creme Eggs are so yesterday, anyway. Today it’s double-choc Lindt eggs from the Centra. Delish 🙂

  22. aoifemc said,

    Luncheon Roll….
    Mrrrmmhhhh…double. choc. lindt. eggs….
    Mrrrmmmmmhhhh….I love being fat.

  23. Evil Bob said,

    Don’t Cluas realise what kind of effect this kind of judgement can have on a young blogs life. Self-esteem issues could result in bulimia and we could start throwing up our words as soon as we’ve posted.
    This would mean that we had eaten our words to begin with however.
    Oh God!!! Too many metaphors. Too many metaphors.

  24. Ed said,

    those lyndt choclates are so fooking tasty. I wish my keyboard was made out of it. Surrealism aside, the article does raise some very good ideas on how to make your blog more streamlined etc and a better user experience.

  25. aoifemc said,

    Evil Bob – you’re so right.

    Ed – please stop tempting me with your talk of chocolate keyboards. And you’re also completely right, the original article on CLUAS was great, but somehow we’ve become weight obsessed now! We’re all a bunch of messers really.

    Seriously though, the article is really useful – I had noticed that my blog was tricky to load on certain PCs but I didn’t really know why, so now I have some kind of an idea as to what to do about it!

    I just like the idea of my blog having weight issues and subsequent low self-esteem. It’s pretty funny.

  26. luncheon roll said,

    Unlike Egoeccentric who has weight issues and subsequent orbital self-esteem, one of those rare chubbies who see it as ‘more to love, bubba!’ and go on to make the world’s sickest porn…

  27. Tibi Puiu said,

    If seen bigger fatties the nthe indiehour. I’d rather call it husky or fluffy 😀

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