Cathy Davey last Thursday

February 9, 2008 at 4:17 pm (Uncategorized)

Cathy Davey by Ian Oliver

We were very pleased indeed to be joined by the truly lovely Cathy Davey last Thursday night. When I was on the way to the studio to meet Cathy, I suddenly realised that I was wearing my Super Extra Bonus Party t-shirt. Shit! Would Cathy take offence to her interviewer wearing the T-shirt of a band that is a competitor for the Choice Music Prize??

This thought crossed my mind but only stayed for about two seconds. Everything I’ve heard about Cathy has been glowing reviews, and I’m talking about her personally rather than musically – which of course, she gets wonderful reviews for too! So I figured that she wasn’t the type of diva-sort who would throw a hissy fit and cancel the interview at the sight of my SEBP t-shirt. In fact, it turned out she had been listening to the band’s album earlier that day. Good start to the indie hour’s Cathy Davey experience!

I think everyone has a friend that is gobsmackingly talented but suffers from baffling low self-esteem or an unawareness of their own abilities. I kind of felt like that when talking with Cathy. We had a relaxed chat about various aspects of Cathy’s career and life as a musician, and I was really taken aback by her shyness and lack of confidence. It was incredible to hear someone so talented talk about feelings of insecurity when it comes to music. It was endearing, and it was completely genuine. It’s probably, of course, this very part of her personality that drives her on to create better and better music. She’s such a lovely person though, and I just hope she’s not too mean to herself!

We talked about her recording processes, her kick ass band, award ceremonies, and her dog, Rex. And I asked her that extremely annoying ‘female musician’ question for which I’ve been admonishing myself ever since. She was very sweet about it though.

We played through Reuben, Overblown Love Song, Moving, and Sing For Your Supper from Tales of Silversleeve.

Cathy Davey being asked ‘the girl question’ by Aoife Mc, as captured by Ian Oliver

We started the show with Jape’s remix of Super Extra Bonus Party’s Everything Flows, taken from the Everything Flows EP. As previously mentioned on this blog, SEBP are having an EP shindig tonight in Whelan’s, where you can get your paws on the snazzy blue vinyl.

Nialler9 recommended Holy Fuck’s remix of M.I.A.’s Paper Planes, which is a cracking tune. I am super psyched (like, totally!) about Holy Fuck’s impending visit to Whelan’s on the 10th of April, can’t wait to see these Canucks live. If you haven’t heard it already, head to Road Records and ask for their album LP. It’s bleedin’ brilliant.

So here it is, our interview with Cathy Davey for your downloading pleasure.


Cathy Davey Thursday 7th of February

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  1. shane said,

    That’s how I found her as well, very nice and unassuming. Downloading now…
    And I can sympathise with your worries about offending Cathy with your SEBP t-shirt. I once praised Antony and the Johnsons to Ian Parton of the Go! Team a few days after he beat them for the Mercury. It was pretty awkward…
    Thanks for your/her kind words, and congrats on your nomination!

  2. aoifemc said,

    Hey Shane
    She really was lovely – hope you like the interview anyway. And big congrats to you for your nomination as well!!
    Thanks for stopping by šŸ™‚

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