Two Rumours…

February 9, 2008 at 2:18 pm (Uncategorized)

Have you seen this man?

Rumour Number One: Frank Black, ahead of his Dublin show tonight in Vicar Street, will be playing an acousitc set in St Stephen’s Green Park at 5pm today. I don’t know about you, but rumour or no rumour, I’m going to head down to the park and follow The Pixies fans til I find Mr Black.

Rumour Number Two: Mongrel magazine has ceased publication. I didn’t see a January 2008 issue in any of the usual spots (Laser, Tower, Cafe Irie) and have been informed by an informant that my second favourite free magazine (first favourite being Totally Dublin) will no longer grace our Dublin streets and make us laugh with its ridiculous record reviews. Their website was last updated in late January, and there isn’t a peep about operations shutting down. Anybody know anything about this?

*update*  Rumour Number One was definitely true, and thanks to my new friend David Maybury, we now know that Rumour Number Two is (thankfully) false.  Those pesky mongrels will be back on our streets before the month of February is up.  Yahoo!


  1. luncheon roll said,

    Hey did you get to the Frank Black show? The amount of downhearted kids I saw turned away from St Stephens’ Green were fit to melt the hearts of the most hardened blogger. They wouldnt even let me in when I showed my cam and the pics from our photoshoot five mins before. I heard that he played outside the main entrance to a 3000 strong crowd…dayum, missed that!

  2. aoifemc said,

    Hey luncheon, I did get down to it actually. We were at the back of the crowd, and I couldn’t really hear anything, and I’m not even sure if he actually played! There was about 400 people there, and there was a good auld buzz all right. We stayed for about half an hour. It was worth it to see him getting escorted off by gardai at any rate!
    Was great to meet you last night at the SEBP gig!!

  3. Mongrel | gone to the dogs? at David Maybury | Blog said,

    […] Mongrel magazine hit the rocks? (a rumour started by Indie Hour) The January issue (pictured) is up on the site, but has anyone seen it in […]

  4. Jazz Biscuit » Blog Archive » Where’s that Mongrel? said,

    […] He says though, that the rumour originates from The Indie Hour. […]

  5. nialler9 - Music/Mp3 Blog » Blog Archive » Frank Black in Stephen’s Green.. any thoughts? said,

    […] More: Frank Black to busk in Dublin […]

  6. aoifemc said,

    So, Rumour Number One was true, but I still don’t know about rumour number two. Which I have to stress is actually a rumour, and one I have absolutely no evidence for! Just speculating! Hope I haven’t ruffled feathers and whatnot.

  7. David said,

    I think rumour two has been dispelled. The fearmongreling is over, people’s whatnots can be laid back to rest.

  8. aoifemc said,

    Glad to hear that David, and thanks for telling us 🙂

  9. mongrel | yes more rumours at David Maybury | Blog said,

    […] Aoife’s informant? They weren’t wrong. Just off by a month or so. The editorial in the new […]

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