Boo hiss to love! Anti-Valentine’s Night at The Bernard Shaw

February 13, 2008 at 9:50 pm (Uncategorized)

Valentine’s Day tragically squashes hamster.

Forget spending potentially the most unromantic day of the year stuck in a crap restaurant surrounded by 30 other couples with a person you’re not even sure you like that much. Head to The Bernard Shaw near Portobello Bridge and get sloshed at Neon Love instead. It’s free in, and there are drinks promotions, including a pitcher of Buckfast for €12. You heard me. Buckfast.

Neon Love DJs will be joined by You’re Only Massive, who’ll be doing a live set in the bar, and promises to be a bit of a giggle.

Besides that, there will also be a launch party for Mr Amperduke, a graphic novel brought to us from the original Clamnut and author of Shiznit and MBleh. The book launch will be accompanied by beers, tunes and an exhibition of original artwork to celebrate the release of The ‘duke.

See you down there after the show. And apologies for all the animals pics of late. I must be broody or something.


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