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So, remember I was moaning about having a flu for last Thursday’s show? Well, I thought that, apart from the pre-recorded interview with Delorentos, the show suffered because I felt like a herd of elephants were sitting on my head.

As you know, we record the shows and upload them here on this very blog so you can listen to them after the live broadcast. When I got home after the show on Thursday, I went to transfer the programme from its mini-disc format to my editing suite (not as flashy as it sounds), when lo and behold, there was no data on the mini disc. Curses! Was my first thought. Then I figured that this was probably not such a bad thing.

In fact, it was probably the best Thursday for a mini-disc malfunction. The interview with the guests was pre-recorded, so I had all the audio backed up. And due to my flu, I had probably sounded like an old age pensioner trying to get enthused at the sight of a zimmer frame. The only part that I was sorry to lose was the introduction of the nialler9 recommended track from the man himself, who joined me in the Dublin City FM studios last Thursday as a special Valentine’s treat.

Anyway, the mp3 below has all the tracks that we played on the show the other night, as well as the interview with Delorentos, that was recorded a couple of weeks back in a hotel bar in Donabate. Myself and Ian Oliver met Ronan, Ross and Níal of Delorentos, and had a chat with them over a few beers in the hotel that used to be a complete kip before it burnt down and was rebuilt.

Delorentos are a band that are held with high regard in the Irish music scene, and deservedly so. Even if you’re not into their brand of indie rock, it’s hard not to admire these guys for their dedication to their craft. Throughout our chat, they made it clear that the music is what keeps them going. There was not an ounce of pretension or rock ego about them, and I hadn’t expected otherwise. But it’s nonetheless refreshing to meet a couple of down to earth lads who just love playing tunes for people.

We played through Stop, Any Other Way, Basis of Everything and Do You Realise, from their Choice Music Prize nominated album In Love With Detail, which you can buy here.

We opened last week’s show with Wake Up from The Infomatics, a Dublin band who supported The Cool Kids last week in Crawdaddy, an excellent review of which can be found on State’s website. I had heard the single Wake Up a week or two before the gig, so I was hoping their performance on the night would match up to the quality of the single.

I headed early to the gig to catch The Infomatics‘ set with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation, because Wake Up is such a strong track and I was concerned that this band were just getting my hopes up of having some good new Irish hip hop to look forward to. I had no need to worry. Made up of two MCs, a bass player, a flutist/programmer dude, and a drummer, their live set was head boppingly, feet shufflingly good. Very much looking forward to hearing their album Kill or Create, which is being released in The Sugar Club on the 22nd of February.

The nialler9 recommended track was taken from an unofficial Radiohead remix album, brought to us by Amplive. Rainydayz Remixes, which features eight tracks from In Rainbows remixed with guest MCs, is available from Amplive’s website for download. Nialler9 recommended Videotapez featuring Del the Funky Homosapien.

After the Delorentos’ tracks and interview, we finished up the show with Grand Pocket Orchestra’s Get Go, the second track on their self-titled EP. The Pockets are playing Whelan’s this Wednesday the 20th of February, with support from Betamax Format and Disfunktional.

The final track of the show, and of the mp3 below, was The Pulse from Holy Fuck, a special request for my Valentine. To my utter horror, I realised yesterday that the date of the Canuck’s arrival in Whelan’s, the 10th of April, is a bleedin’ Thursday night. In order to not miss this show, which I expect will be stellar, I might have to organise another pre-recorded show in the meantime…

Anyway, hope you enjoy this podcast – not the original version of the indie hour that was aired last Thursday, but the most important part, the interview with Delorentos, is there so I hope it pleases you and your mp3 player. Pictures of the band taken by Ian Oliver are on the way!


Delorentos Thursday 14th of February

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  1. Ed said,

    it’s like the special edition director’s cut. In 20 years you might find the “final cut” version with painstakingly restored nialler9 intro from cassette

  2. aoifemc said,

    Haha! Director’s cut. Sadly, I think it’s been lost in radiowave land forever…:(

  3. » Escaping the studio said,

    […] Emma-Roses’ necessity due to work and my inspiration from the Indie Hour’s Delorentos interview, we decided to do the Scene Around Six pre-record in Charlies this morning. It was an absolute […]

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