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February 22, 2008 at 1:42 am (Uncategorized) (, )

Last night on the show, I played tracks from seven of the ten nominated albums in next week’s Choice Music Prize. We also spoke to Jim Carroll, Dave Geraghty and Tosh from Stanley Super 800 over the phone.

I’ve been looking forward to the Choice Prize awards since the shortlist was announced in early January, and indeed long before that, but last night was the first time that I got really, really excited about it.

Talking to Jim, Dave and Tosh, and playing through tracks from some of the nominees, I think the anticipation started to really sink in. It’s an eclectic shortlist, and there is no way at all of knowing who is going to walk away with the gong by the end of next Wednesday night, even though the bookies think they’ve got it down.

Jim painted a wonderful picture of the judges room, where on the night of the Choice Prize, the 12 judges are in a room battling it out for their favourite album. He said that in the last two years, the most gratifying thing was to hear and watch the judges get so passionate about Irish music. I would absolutely love to be in that room, to be involved in a heated debate about Irish music, a debate of which kind rarely happens.

Who do you think will win? It’s a strong, mixed-bag of a list, and I have found it very hard to pick what I think is the best out of the lot. My favourite album and Irish band of last year is Super Extra Bonus Party, and I would be truly over the moon if they won. But I think the gong belongs to Adrian Crowley, and I would love for his album Long Distance Swimmer to be duly recognised.

Any predictions from your good selves?

Until I get the podcast from last night’s show up and ready, here are a few older indie hour interviews with some of the Choice Music Prize nominees to whet your appetite.

Super Extra Bonus Party – Super Extra Bonus Party LP

Half of Super Extra Bonus Party with Aoife Mc and Mary Healy by Ian Oliver, April 2007

Super Extra Bonus Party post

Super Extra Bonus Party 5th April 2007 mp3

Dry County – Unexpected Falls

Dry County live wires

Dry County 10th May post

Dry County 10th May mp3

The Flaws – Achieving Vagueness

Dane from The Flaws on the indie hour by Ian Oliver

The Flaws 6th of December post

The Flaws 6th of December mp3

Adrian Crowley – Long Distance Swimmer

Adrian Crowley by Amelia Stein

Adrian Crowley 17th January post

Adrian Crowley 17th January mp3

Cathy Davey – Tales of Silversleeve

Cathy Davey on the indie hour by Ian Oliver

Cathy Davey 7th February post

Cathy Davey 7th February mp3

Delorentos – In Love With Detail

Delorentos on a beach looking mean. They’re lovely really though.

Delorentos 14th February post

Delorentos 14th February mp3

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  1. Sinéad said,

    Aoife, there’s a couple of people I wouldn’t mind winning but I’d love Adrian to nab it.

  2. luncheon roll said,

    Adrian and Kila are the only two albums I haven’t heard.

    At the time of Nialler’s poll for best album last year, I was in love with Unexpected Falls. And dry county are so talented. But now…damn, I love the SEBP.

    Can’t wait to get stuck into this post when I get some time…it can be like the pre-podcast warm up 🙂

  3. aoifemc said,

    Sinead – I’d be happy to see most of the albums on the list win, but those two are my personal favourites. It’s so exciting!! I can’t wait to see everybody play as well.
    Luncheon – I like Unexpected Falls too, and Dry County aren’t the favourites to win so given the unpredictability of the Choice they may just walk away with it!

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