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March 1, 2008 at 3:24 pm (The Show) ()


We were joined last Thursday by three members of The Infomatics, who are releasing their debut album Kill or Create on 4th of April.

Steve, Aido, and Barry (a.k.a. Boc, Dero, and Konchus Lingo) came down to the studios to talk to us about their musical history to date, about the MCs influencing each others’ style, how they went about producing a quality album at home and how drinking cans of Tuborg is a fundamental part of their creative process,.

As I type, I’m having my first proper listen of the album Kill or Create, and it’s going down rather well. The whole album seems to flow seamlessly from track to track, with some great use of samples throughout, such as the radio clips on Irish Times. The album’s confrontational lyrical content is complimented wonderfully with a very, very chilled vibe musically – although it gets fairly unhinged on 13th Floor, which also boasts a class sample of some auld crooner. The production is top, the MCing is stylish and full of substance. And fuck, their drummer is called Jorge Laguna.

We played the title track Kill or Create, P.O.P, Copper Chopper and their forthcoming (and deadly) single Wake Up.

The lads are playing with Edan on March 15th in The Tivoli in Dublin, and they’ll be launching Kill or Create on 3rd of April in The Sugar Club. Keep an eye on their myspace to see when they’ll be playing near you, and get your hands on a copy of Kill or Create when it hits the shops. I think it’s going to be a good year for The Infomatics.

We started the show with Everything Flows from Super Extra Bonus Party’s Choice Music Prize winning eponymous debut album. Still getting over the shock. It’s the nicest kind of shock, so in a way I kind of want it to stick around for a bit!

Nialler9 recommended DFA’s remix of M.I.A’s Paper Planes, and a great recommendation it is too. Groovy track.

We finished up the show with Fake ID’s Hot Bitch remix of The Real Heat’s Hot Girl. I headed down to Neon Love in The Bernard Shaw to wish the club happy birthday and to catch The Real Heat’s set. It was short, sleazy, and sexed up to the nines. The three sisters from London were gyrating all over the shop while wearing (dangerously close to popping open) corsets, silver leggings, thigh high pink PVC boots, all of them weighed down with the most incredible collection of tacky jewels – I didn’t quite know where to look. It was an experience, and it was a great way for Neon Love to celebrate their first birthday. Check out the ladies’ myspace, and see you down at Neon Love next week for a pitcher of Buckfast.

So here is the mp3 of The Infomatics, hope you enjoy it. Right, I’m off to the Blog Awards. What a week! If only you could go to two award ceremonies every week 🙂


The Infomatics Thursday 28th February

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  1. Eddie said,

    with all the mayhem around IBA week I just got to listen to this! Great show, I like the diversity of bringing in artists like these guys. They were pretty funny too. IndieHour on the way to work is a good way to start the day!

  2. aoifemc said,

    Hey Eddie
    Their album is f’ing class. It’s a great listen all the way through, it flows like the nicest smoothie down a hungover throat. Or something. I’m really looking forward to seeing them on the 15th of March with Edan in The Tivoli, and hopefully they’ll be up around Belfast way when they release the album in April. They’re great.
    Glad you enjoyed the show, thanks so much for the continued support and saying of nice things 🙂

  3. Dave said,

    Cheers for this, cleared up a few questions I had about the group. It’s more difficult than you’d think writing a review for an album when you can’t figure out which member is which!

  4. aoifemc said,

    No worries Dave, glad to be of service. Saw the lads support Edan in The Tivoli on Saturday night, it was dead good. All the ladies danced to Back To Front. Good night!

  5. Kill said,

    Its impossible to download it on internet. Can you upload it please? I need to check it,thanxs…

  6. Jon said,

    Please upload Kill or be killed………………

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