The Winners…

March 2, 2008 at 6:14 pm (The Show) ()

This is the last cute animal pic, Aidan, I promise.

Congratulations again to everybody!



  1. manuel said,

    hey good to meet you last night…….best of luck n all that …….

  2. luncheon roll said,

    Ah there’s some great names there… Gingerpixel’s photos are gorgeous, though I was rooting for Lili…I really like Sinead’s site and am a sneaky addict too :p

    Really good results for everyone…congrats y’all!

  3. aoife mc said,

    Hey Manuel – when I woke up this morning I found a lilttle badge from well done fillet in my pocket! Lovely to meet you as well!

    It’s a good list, luncheon!

  4. aidan said,

    Ah, don’t mind me – I’ve no heart. You keep on with the adorable animal photos. Never mind the begrudgers ;D

    Sorry I wasn’t there last night to meet you and loads of other bloggers who I read; I had hoped to come but in the end it wasn’t possible. Hope you all had a good time and congrats to the winners: plenty on that list that I like a lot and others I’ll have to check out.

  5. aoifemc said,

    Hey Aidan – I’m sorry you couldn’t come as well, would have been lovely to meet you!
    I’ve got a sore head today though 😦

  6. Sabrina Dent: Pixel Pushing Ireland » And the award goes to… said,

    […] Argued Over: Aoife McIndieHour. The husband and I are disputing who called […]

  7. Evil_Bob said,

    Hard luck the other night. Saw you there at one point but got all nervous and didn’t have the guts to go and say hello.

    Har. Actually it was more of a case of “I can’t stand up and go over now while the awards were going on. I’ll talk later. *Bring Bring*. Hello? Alright mate? What? Its your birthday tonight? You told me about it? Why the fuck did you have to have a birthday tonight you prick? Alright fine I’ll see you in Bruxelles in a few minutes”.
    So to make a long story even longer I bailed straight after to go to Bruxelles/Whelans and get more wrecked.

    Next time gadget, Next time.

  8. aoifemc said,

    Hey Evil Bob
    Har har, you’re too evil to get nervous. Hope your night was skutteredtastic like mine. Lots of fun.
    Say hi next time you see me!

  9. Evil_Bob said,

    You got it sweet cheeks.

  10. free download 720p movie said,

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