Mongrel to leave us…

March 3, 2008 at 1:17 pm (The Show) ()

I knew something bad was going to happen. After the week that we just had – SEBP winning the Choice Music Prize, nialler9 winning Best Music Blog at Saturday’s Irish Blog Awards, and music lovers being treated with the launch of State this Thursday – I was expecting some kind of bad news. Isn’t that awfully pessimistic?

So unfortunately, the bad news is that Mongrel Magazine is finishing up. I picked up the February issue on Saturday afternoon, and my inital joy at seeing this magazine which has become like an old friend to me was crushed when I read the editor’s note saying it was to be the last issue.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Mongrel for the giggles they’ve provided over the last four/five years. In particular I would like to thank Eoin Butler for writing this James Blunt review (robbed from John Cav’s blog) :

 92%: James Blunt – All The Lost Souls (Atlantic) 

It’s become very fashionable to dismiss James Blunt’s music out of hand, just because “You’re Beautiful” got perhaps a little bit overplayed on the radio.  But if you do the guy the service of actually listening to more than one of his songs, you may realise that he is a songwriter of incredible range and ability.  I’m joking.  Of course I’m joking.  The guy is a wibbly voiced fool and I hope a bird shits on his head.  My real score is 0.01%.  And even that’s being kind.  Cunt.

There will be a Wake for Mongrel happening in The Sugar Club on Sunday March 23rd. It’s free in and there’ll be special musical guests. It promises to be an emotional night. Mongrel – you’ll be missed.



  1. luncheon roll said,

    Awww no? I heard it was packing up but then heard it wasn’t, then it was…

    Ding-dong the bitch is dead 😦

  2. aoifemc said,

    Yeah I know, I’m gutted!

  3. manuel said,

    Looking forward to slate all the same……..

  4. mongrel | yes more rumours at David Maybury | Blog said,

    […] by a month or so. The editorial in the new issue tells us Mongrel, the sassy pop-culture mag, is indeed leaving the streets. (No phonecalls this time, I’m mourning the loss of the King of […]

  5. Ken McGuire said,

    Best. Review. Ever. Pity to see the mag on the way out though 😦

    At least there’s State to look forward to!

  6. aoifemc said,

    Hey Manuel – State should be good all right!

    Hey Ken – the review is great. There was also an excellent one about Craig David’s album which asked the reader to imagine being kidnapped in the back of a van with a sock stuffed in your mouth. It then said that Craig David’s album would be playing in the background. Shudder.

    Only two more days to go for State!

  7. Eddie said,

    Belfast thankfully still has our own irreverend free mag ‘Vacuum’ -I know the tears would flow if it disappeared!

  8. shane said,

    Aw shit. This is such a shame.

  9. aoifemc said,

    Eddie – will have to check out Vacuum!

    Shane – it’s a shame all right. Hopefully another free mag will step up and fill its shoes.

  10. oftroad said,

    I’ve lifted one of my favourite anecdotes from the Scary Eire interview in Mongrel, when they met Van Morisson at some party in the early 90’s.

    Basically it involves me going “I don’t give a fuck who ye are!” in a Van Morrisson accent.

    You have to be there.

  11. Who Shall Take Their Place? « ST said,

    […] the other bloggers who’ve been talking about it – Aoife Mc, Jim Carroll, John Cav and David Maybury – have pondered who will arrive to fill the vacuum. They […]

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