Mumblin’ Deaf Ro, Boa Morte & Adrian Crowley

March 4, 2008 at 2:34 pm (The Show) (, , )

Being Mumblin’ Deaf Ro

Foggy Notions presents Mumblin’ Deaf Ro, Boa Morte & Adrian Crowley upstairs in Whelan’s tomorrow night Wednesday 5th of March at around 8pm for €12.00.

This is the first week of a month long residency for Adrian, who will be playing in the new upstairs venue every Wednesday in March.

In the following weeks, the support will come from Clarence Black, Carly Sings, and Serafina.

Below are the mp3s of the indie hour interviews with Mumblin’ Deaf Ro and Adrian Crowley.  Let’s think of it as recycling podcasts, hmmm?


Adrian Crowley Thursday 17th of January

Mumblin’ Deaf Ro Thursday 24th of January


  1. manuel said,

    Mumblin Deaf Ro has a fantastic voice……very Nick Drake eh….

  2. Eddie said,

    uniqueness is a rarity these days

  3. Sinéad said,

    I’m so curious about Serafina, have heard amazing rumblings about them.
    Those residencies are a great idea…

  4. Eddie said,

    Duke Special was a resident at Katy Dalys in Belfast very recently before he made it ‘big’

  5. luncheon roll said,

    Am really, really, really looking forward to this. I like Ro’s album a lot and AC blew me away at Vicar St last week, two songs were enough to prove I need his album (your podcasts) fast.
    Will be there with the trusty Nikon…say hello if you’re about!

  6. Ian said,

    I seem to be in a minority as I’m not blown away by the Crowley record. It’s reasonably good but save for a couple of songs it doesn’t really resonate with me. Nonetheless I’m gonna drop down tomorow as I’d like to see Mumblin De Afro and maybe it’ll click for me what all the fuss is about with the swimming dude..

  7. aoifemc said,

    Manuel – I love Mumblin’s raspy reed voice. Really looking forward to seeing him live.

    Eddie – sure is.

    Sinead – I was looking for Serafina on the web, but found a diet group based in the US and then an electronic band in the UK. I wasn’t sure if it was the right band so I didn’t put in a link! Can you help?

    Luncheon – I’m looking forward to seeing both of the chaps and Boa Morte live. I’ve never seen Ro and I only saw the two songs of Adrian in Vicar St. Like yourself, despite losing the guitar in sound engineer land for a 20 seconds, it left me wanting more.

    Ian – Have you listened to it a good bit? I liked it on first listen, really liked it on second listen, and really, really liked it on the third listen.
    Mumblin De Afro. Class. See you down there!

  8. mumblin deaf ro said,

    Thanks for posting this Aoife – I’m on at 8.30 or thereabouts, with Boa Morte after that and Adrian playing at 10.

    Hope yiz enjoy it.



  9. aoifemc said,

    No probs Ro – I just can’t believe that no one commented on your aMAZing photo!! See you later, I’m finished work at half 8 so I’ll leg it down to whelan’s, will be there for 8.45 I think!!

  10. mumblin deaf ro said,

    Photo is courtesy of pantone 247 – taken at Rofest 2007

  11. luncheon roll said,

    Oh dear.
    I forgot a mate approached me last week to ask if we could hold a focus group meeting of our mates at my gaff (I’m the only one with room…BUT they know I always make dinner!) …at 9:35, washing up, I realised where I was meant to be.. and we hadn’t even started the discussions!

    MEGA-peeeed off 😦 Can go and see Adrian next week but that was such a good lineup…
    Bad Week : 1,765
    Nay: 0

  12. aoifemc said,

    Ro – [scene: Irish Blog Awards 2009] And the award for Best Commenter on a Blog goes to….Mumblin’ Deaf Ro!

    Luncheon – boo-urns, hate when that happens. I caught most of Mumblins set, which was as good as I had expected (and my expectations were very high), enjoyed Boa Morte but after the week that was, I was very, very tired and had to high tail it two songs into Adrian’s set. Going to see him tomorrow in Spy Bar for the launch of Angel She’s A Killer so it’s all good. I’ll have slept a bit before then!
    Don’t let the bad week get you down – your post on the the no-scene-but-every-scene thing that I have definitely experienced too over the last year or two (and have loved) was great. That better get into the hotpress yearbook or something, as the post as it is is an invaluable service for people who want to know more about the Irish music ‘scene’. Kudos to you lady.

  13. luncheon roll said,

    Hmmm, I thought I posted a reply here…promise I’m not rude!

    Ah cheers Aoife, I had so much fun writing the piece that it feels awkward saying thank you!
    It really is an experience to be out and about, involved via whatever means, be it gigs or buying CDs or bigging up bands on forums…Again Ireland’s small-scale geography works in favour, it’s a very comfortable environment with friendly faces everywhere. Everyone has so much fun that it’s not always immediately apparent that the jiving shapester in front of the stage is a promoter or runs a record label…

    Urgh I think I am too tired for any more typing. Sense-make longer-no I.

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