What kind of magic spell to use?

March 5, 2008 at 4:56 pm (The Show) ()

Jareth, the Goblin King

Last night, after getting home from the launch of State (I won’t spoil the surprise for those of you who are going to buy it tomorrow, suffice to say it looks great and reads like a dream) I went on a bit of a nostalgia buzz and watched The Labyrinth, probably my favourite movie of all time.

As I was singing along to Dance Magic, marvelling at Ludo’s ability to call rocks, shouting at Hoggle to NOT give Sara the peach, I was thinking that they just don’t make kids movies like they used to. Monsters Inc. and all those films are amazing, but using puppets creates a much more real effect, and makes you believe that, yes, there is a Goblin King, and yes, he looks a bit like David Bowie.

Here’s Dance Magic from The Labyrinth for a bit of Wednesday afternoon sentimentality.



  1. gardenhead said,

    Hey food lover coming soon crispy skinned duck legs with shallots and roast parsnips!!!

  2. aoifemc said,

    OMG yum!!! I really enjoyed our food conversation last night, I will definitely be taking you up on the dinner invite!

  3. gardenhead said,

    any time aoife

  4. tenacioustimothy said,

    Great vid! Always liked Dark Crystal just a wee bit more for some reason…Stardust is brill even if there aren’t any puppets!

  5. Phil O'Kane said,

    Looking forward to the magazine! Will it be up North tomorrow too? I guess I will only find out. Either way I will get it when it is.

    I too am a huge fan of Labyrinth, and the sound track – especially Dance Magic!

  6. luncheon roll said,

    You’re right about kids’ movies not being the same…my two are avid fans and have an amazing collection of stuff from the last 5 years, pretty much every kids’ blockbuster going along with Japanese animated films and sitcom boxsets…
    Aside from Harry Potter, Labrynth, Dark Crystal, The Goonies, ET, Neverending Story, Annie and Flight of the Navigator are the most-played vids of the lot. Animation is great but you can’t beat solid storylines (the kind in abundance when we were nippers)…I mean, Enchanted? Pleeeeeeeeeeaze, The Princess Bride swashbuckle-beats it by a Goblin mile!

    Ohhh, David Bowie made the best King, ever!

  7. raptureponies said,

    Oh my God, i mega heart Labyrinth.. but i always forget how to spell it!
    Teen Wolf and The Princess Brides are in my top five fo’ sho!

    Hi by the way! :):)

  8. aoifemc said,

    Tenatious T – good to meet you in a more sober circumstance this afternoon!! I don’t remember Dark Crystal…gotta check it out!

    Phil – as far as I know the mag will be up in the North, I’ve had a good read of it now, it’s great.

    Luncheon – I LOVE the princess bride!!

    Rapturepony – Ooh and Teen Wolf is amazing. Not so much Teen Wolf 2 though, that’s a bit shite. Doesn’t even have michael j fox in it! I’m fine thanks, just knackered after the week that was πŸ™‚ Tea soon!

  9. Eddie said,

    yesy yesyes! Labythinth is SO good! I love the weird wee creatures in it, Bowie can be well scary although he’s got nothing on the banshee in Darby O’Gill and the Little people :S

  10. luncheon roll said,

    TEEN WOLF — haven’t thought of that in years…!

    I miss that buzz of watching a really imaginative movie as a kid. While aimed at an older audience, my sis and I LOVED the Lost Boys with the two Coreys and Keifer!

  11. tenacioustimothy said,

    Yeah- sober meetings much better!

  12. aoifemc said,

    Luncheon – I had such a huge crush on Corey Feldman when I was a kid that I wrote myself in to the script of The Goonies. I was Mouth’s smart talking girlfriend in my version of the movie. I was only eight when I saw it first. Got the dvd as a secret santa present this year from a work mate who has now become a friend. The dvd pressie had a lot to do with the ‘friend’ bit. Thanks again Fintan.

    Tenatious T – sobriety is good!

  13. Jen said,

    David Bowie was one of my first big crushes… Still think he’s pretty sexy, even in that Labyrinth get-up! (I also loved that film, by the way.) But there’s a special place in my heart for The Princess Bride – both the film and the book πŸ™‚

  14. aoifemc said,

    Hey Jen – David Bowie is pretty babe-tastic. He’s definitely wearing a cock piece in the Labyrinth though. I never knew there was a Princess Bride book! Must find it.

  15. dannyspkrspkr said,

    Ha! Good call! Bowie always blows me away? Have you seen the Flight of the Concords do their song “Bowie’s in Space”? It’s hilarious, especially for Bowie fans who will get the references.

  16. My rhymes are bottomless… « The Indie Hour said,

    […] over at Speaker Speaker left a comment on the Labryinth post I put up asking if I’d seen the Flight of the Conchords’ song Bowie’s In Space. I […]

  17. Bittany said,

    OMG! I love Labyrinth! It’s my fave movie. I’m 13 and am kind of addicted to David Bowie! Lol! But seriously he still manages to look hot in glitter, really big purple and blond hair, high heels and high pants!!! lol! =P geez I have like the biggest crush on him!
    ~slap that baby make him free!~

  18. aoifemc said,

    Thanks Bittany – I had a crush on David Bowie when I was 13 too. Must be a rite of passage to fancy Bowie in glitter. Lol! πŸ™‚

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