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March 28, 2008 at 1:31 pm (The Show) (, , )

Robotnik and The Dark Prince of Pop

We had a rather busy evening last night on the indie hour – not only were we joined by Alastair from Le Galaxie and Ian and Adam from Various Production, we also had the pleasure of an in studio visit from Reader’s Wives aka Niall James Holohan aka The Dark Prince of Pop and his friend in musical mischief Robotnik.

Niall James Holohan talked us through the debut Reader’s Wives album, which the band are launching upstairs in Whelan’s this Saturday night. Robotnik plays in the band alongside former Happy Ganger Ben Kritikos and a host of other beautiful people, whom Niall talked about during our chinwag.

We heard Advertising Heroin and Victor’s Mother Juliet from Reader’s Wives’ album (oooh apostrophes!) and Niall sang Sexually Attracted to Myself live in the studio for us. Robotnik was surprisingly quiet for the duration of Niall’s interview, although he did sing some harmony for the live track. Perhaps he was saving himself for the Robotnik visit on the indie hour coming up on April 24th. Nice.


We spoke to Alastair from Le Galaxie about their gig in The Sugar Club tonight as part of the IMRO showcase series. Drop Le Galaxie an email at legalaxie[at]gmail[dot]com to get your hands on some free tickets for the show tonight.

We finished up the show with a chat from London’s Various Production who are playing in The Vaults tonight with Kode 9 at a Foggy Notions and Kaboogie! night. It’s 15 euro in and promises to be a bassy night. See you down there after 10pm.

We started the show with the nialler9 recommended track which was Robotnik’s People Walk Away, the first single taken from his debut album Pleasant Square to be released on May 10th. We heard Le Galaxie from Le Galaxie, and we finished the show with Hater from Various Production’s 2006 The World Is Gone LP.

So here it is – the mp3 of our Reader’s Wives, Le Galaxie and Various Production extravaganza. Enjoy.

If you could zoom into this pic, you would see that I am wearing my Well Done Fillet badge. And a threadless t-shirt.  Internet.


Reader’s Wives Thursday 27th of March

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  1. manuel said,

    Quality badges those……and threadless, love their shirts……

  2. Benjamin Bunny said,

    Those photos are fucking classic.

  3. aoifemc said,

    Manuel – I’m sorry to say that I actually lost that badge the other day. I’m rather upset about it. Threadless is amazing. I have another four ts on the way as we speak!

    Benjamin Bunny – yeah, we’re all pretty much rides.

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