I heart The Jimmy Cake

April 19, 2008 at 3:25 pm (The Show)

Dip and a blurry Jurgen from The Jimmy Cake last night at The Button Factory by nialler9

There were at least four gigs that I wanted to go to last night – I made it to two in the end which was good enough going. As I mentioned in the earlier post, I missed Mumblin’ Deaf Ro and The Spook of The 13th Lock. I also didn’t make it to The Holy Roman Army upstairs in Whelan’s, but I hope to catch them either on the 1st of May in The Blue Note or on the 4th of May in Anseo.

I started the night off in The Sugar Club at the IMRO showcase to catch Reader’s Wives, who visited us three weeks ago. It was my first time seeing Reader’s Wives in their current incarnation and it was a full on energetic set. The Sugar Club, despite its loveliness, has the unforgivable flaw of being the scariest place to dance in the world. By getting up to dance, you feel like you’re on stage as well. Not comfortable. However, myself and two friends braved the embarrassment and had a dance to Sexually Attracted to Myself. It had to be done.

As I left The Sugar Club, my old favourites Hybrasil were just taking to the stage. It was very tempting to stay but The Jimmy Cake were beckoning in The Button Factory. I arrived in the old Temple Bar Music Centre to squeeze in to the packed out venue and found some comfortable dancing space right at the front.

Difficult dancing seemed to be the theme of the night. Myself and my good friend Bluebottle Farm were doing our best to keep up with the 12/8 time signatures and whatnot of The Jimmy Cake, and in the end resorted to what I will now christen The Jimmy Cake Dance. It’s a sort of lurching, head down, body swaying type thing. Probably wouldn’t win us a slot on America’s Best Dancers reality TV show, but it’s thoroughly enjoyable all the same.

I caught the last four songs, which in fairness was a good 40 minutes. The stage was packed – the string quartet and extra brass players squeezed into the right hand corner, with guitarist Mike subtley conducting them thus acting like a halfway point between the classical and experimental elements of this fine, fine band.

Lisa on clarinet, Parx on trumpet and Alex on saxophone were holding court on a raised level to the back of the stage, Paul on keys and Jurgen on the accordian were centre stage facing each other, Vinnie was in the middle and drummer John was to the left. Dip the bass player had the most commanding presence on stage, which was no mean feat, as all players were quite captivating. Dip had the upper hand because of his incredible bass stance. He looked like a giant. See photo below.

I heard Red Tony, the performance of which was a deeply emotional one. When The Jimmy Cake first visited us back in October, Vinnie explained that the song was dedicated to his late uncle, ‘a belligerant but thoroughly lovable character’ and last night it seemed that the band were very conscious of the man while playing the tribute to him. They played two more before the ‘pretend last song’ (to quote Vinnie again) of the night which was Jetta’s Palace, getting a great reaction from the crowd, and rightly so.

The band came on for an encore and finished the night with a track from Dublin Gone. Everybody Dead. I was explaining to a friend that although I still have my much loved copy of Dublin Gone. Everybody Dead. I unfortunately lost the cd case and inlay card years ago. So I don’t know any of the names of the tracks. But the one they finished with is the one that goes ‘Duh duh duh. Duh duh. Duh Duh Duh. DUH.’ You know the one.

From what I saw, it was a triumphant return for The Jimmy Cake, and a performance which equaled the quality of the record Spectre & Crown, bringing it to an even more intense level of musical achievement. I still don’t know how they manage to co-ordinate it all. It’s my opinion that they are probably the best band in Ireland. Is that over the top? I think not.

Below is the mp3 of the chat with Parx and Paul G. Smyth from the other night on the indie hour. We started this show with Cut Killer’s Nique La Police, the mp3 of which I found thanks to our good friend nialler9. I watched Mathieu Kassovitz’s La Haine again last week and was reminded of that track and the amazing scene it comes from. I tried to find it on the net, and when I failed I asked nialler to work his internet magic (lol). He managed to find it and posted it on his blog last week. And that is the story of the indie hour and nique la police.

We heard Giveamanakick’s Borrowed Time from their album Welcome To The Cusp, which they are releasing in Whelan’s tonight with support from the mighty Adebisi Shank. Doors are at 8pm and it’s €12.50 in.

Nialler9 recommended M83’s Kim & Jessie from their album Saturdays=Youth. M83 are playing in Andrew’s Lane Theatre on 25 April with support from Crayonsmith. Crayonsmith is also playing tonight in The Academy in Dublin, launching his latest album White Wonder. It’s the bargain price of €5 (on the show last night I mistakenly said it was €19 – sorry) and support comes from the respectively excellent Cap Pas Cap and BATS.

The subsequent forty minutes of the show were all about The Jimmy Cake, starting with Jetta’s Palace, then onto my favourite The Day The Arms That Came Out of The Wall and finishing up with the raucous Hugs for Buddy.

And so for your downloading pleasure, here is the mp3 of the show. Enjoy.


The Jimmy Cake April 17th

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  1. nialler9 - Music/Mp3 Blog » Blog Archive » The Jimmy Cake album launch said,

    […] only practised with the string quartet for the first time a mere six hours or so before the gig. As Aoife said, Dip the bass player was a dominating presence but each member contribute equally to this band. The […]

  2. misssarahjunefox said,

    I heart the Jimmy Cake’s new album!

  3. misssarahjunefox said,

    but missed the show 😦

  4. aoifemc said,

    Hey Sarah – Spectre & Crown is blimmin’ blinding. Don’t know when their next show is but you must go see them. And that’s an internet order 🙂

  5. misssarahjunefox said,

    aye aye

  6. Nay said,

    Bloody brilliant album…defo one for the end of year lists! My kids love the artwork!
    Went to Holy Roman Army instead of The Jimmy Cake and wish I hadn’t…as you’ve described, TJC were alwaays gonna be brilliant. And it’s a great stage for them, loads of room!
    Really like that silhouette there, they make for great pics…but are the only band I’ve ever known to say -Enough photos: relax and listen! – in the nicest way 🙂

  7. gabbagabbahey said,

    I got the album in the Road sale today, but I haven’t actually listened to it yet.
    The artwork’s really cool, but one question: what the hell do I do with the detachable Japanese spine for the CD case? It looks vaguely like it should be used for holding cigarette papers/skins…

  8. aoifemc said,

    Hey Nay – they were great all right. Nialler took all those photos, that’s gas about them telling you to relax and listen!

    Gabbahey – hey! The detachable spine thingy (which you’re right does look remarkably like papers) is handy for track listing because the whispy font on the album itself, beautiful as it is, is quite hard to read. I thought the track Numbers was called Nuberu. I’ve put mine aside in a safe place so it won’t get lost! Enjoy the album, I’m sure you will, it’s ace.

  9. luncheon roll said,

    My ‘whispy-bit’ is pinned just above my desk…when it all goes wrong, I can look up and be reminded of the music to make things right again…

    (Nialler’s a great snapper! These aren’t the first shots of his I’ve seen…Leibowitz, he’s coming atcha!)

  10. luncheon roll said,

    I’m the comeback queen, an hour later… that woulda been better if I’d said Woolman!
    I’ll sort out Leibowitz 😉

  11. I am a giant, gaze upon my rump, skinny. « Over-rated and disappointing said,

    […] am a giant, gaze upon my rump, skinny. Last nights gig was a triumph. just ask Aoife and Nialler9. Many thanks for their sexy words. And indeed, sexier pictures. Aoife makes reference […]

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