Mumblin’ Deaf Ro Calf

April 19, 2008 at 1:47 pm (The Show) ()

I arose today at noon to head into Road Records to catch Mumblin’ Deaf Ro, who was taking part in the all day celebration of International Record Store Day. I couldn’t make it to The Boom Boom Room last night, where Ro was supporting experimental folkies The Spook of The 13th Lock at their album launch. I have only heard Le Hare from the Spooks album, a track which we heard on the indie hour a few weeks back and is up for your listening perusal on their myspace. Looking forward to having a good listen to the self titled album, perhaps we’ll have them in on the indie hour for a session soon…

There are a host of folks playing acoustic sets at Road Records on Fade Street all day today – you’re not too late to have a listen to Mark Geary, Lauren Guillery, John Hegarty, and David Kitt, who will be playing in the friendliest record shop in Dublin until 5.30pm today.

Mumblin’ Deaf Ro has four tunes up on his myspace from a Radio na Life session for download. You’ll find What To Learn It and Where to Learn It, Restring The Bow and El Salvador from the excellent The Herring & The Brine, as well as the new tune Cade Calf Call which I suspect will feature on the next Mumblin’ Deaf Ro album to be released sometime in the next five years 🙂 Thanks to my buddy Fenster for the heads up on the downloads.

Road Records have a 20% sale on everything in store at the moment. I saw Thrill Pier down there today, happily availing of the discount. Good man.

The mp3 of The Jimmy Cake interview the other night will be up shortly.


  1. Nay said,

    Hey, fair play to you getting in on time for Ro! It was too early for us, even with a hangover and a 9am rise! We ended up walking to town and getting lost in the Liberties, all v Joycean!
    Was areally cool day for the store though, pity all Saturdays ain’t like that!

  2. aoifemc said,

    Hey Nay
    I wasn’t feeling the mae west either on saturday morning so I actually left after Ro played, I wanted to stay around for longer but my hangover got the better of me and it was back to bed for me!
    That’s one thing about Dublin, there never seems to be too much going on during the day. Just the odd thing here and there. I always feel at a bit of a loss…you could go to an art gallery, to the botanic gardens, to the history museum, this is true, but I’ve done all that before! Do you know any cool regular stuff that happens on a Saturday afternoon? Maybe I’m just missing something. Hope you and the little ones are all well.

  3. flynnduism said,

    my first time seeing Ro despite playing The Herring & the Brine half to death, was a lovely performance, seems such an honest and down-to-earth fellow.

    getting there for 12 was tough but totally worth it, was a great morning!

  4. Ian said,

    Useless serendipodous fact. When Ro dedicated a song to me he played my favorite song of his.

  5. flynnduism said,

    ah bless. was it ‘What to Learn’?

  6. aoifemc said,

    Flynnduism – Ro is awesome. He was running off to play a football match afterwards. He’s playing a few gigs in May, check the exact details out on his myspace.

    Ian – you got a dedication? I’m well jealous! What song was it? Maybe I arrived just after the dedication. Good thing too because I probably would have started a who’s-a-bigger-mumblin-deaf-ro-fan war with you. Not really though.

  7. Ian said,

    It was “Every now and then she gets a moment” off the first record. I was buying stuff off of Julie and he said everyone who buys something during the set gets a song dedicated to them.

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