The Vinny Club and The Best Album Ever Lolz

May 27, 2008 at 8:01 pm (The Show) (, )

Do tune in this Thursday from 9 to 10pm on Dublin City 103.2FM when we will be joined by The Vinny Club.

In fact, I am heading to Primavera in Barcelona tomorrow (whoop!) and myself and Vinny pre-recorded the show this morning, pretending it was Thursday night. It was kinda surreal. But lots of fun.

Unfortunately, there will be a delay of the podcast on the blog. I’ll get it up here as soon as I return from Barcelona.

The Vinny Club is launching his debut album Rocky IV Reckyrd this Saturday night in Andrew’s Lane Theatre in Dublin. I’m gutted I’m going to miss this one, as I’ve only seen Vinny perform as the bass player of Adebisi Shank. Support comes in the form of DJ sets from Rupert BATS, Leagues Foggy Notions and Gav Super Extra Bonus Party. It’s 10euro in, which also gets you a copy of the Reckyrd. Class.

So do tune in on Thursday night at 9pm to 103.2FM or listen live on the web. Until then, I’m off to Barcelona. If I get to a compooter on the way I’ll blog some updates of the festival.


I’m excited.


  1. tenacioustimothy said,

    Ohh am so jealous!! Hope you see some good groups and that you get better weather than here…well thats usually a given! Excellent gif of the De Lorean btw.

  2. John Cav said,

    I too am jealous. Enjoy!

  3. aoifemc said,

    Yo timmy – thanks! I’m v excited. Heading to the airport in half an hour. Yipee! Actually I think it’s raining in Barcelona but what the hell.

    John Cav – hey stranger! Thanks to you too.

  4. aoifemc said,

    Oh and Tim – the gif is from vinny’s myspace. It’s deadly innit?

  5. Nay said,

    Wow, hope you have a brilliant time 🙂

  6. aoifemc said,

    Thanks Nay – see you when we’re back!

  7. jen said,

    Have fun in Barca. My cousin lives there and, shamefully, I’ve not yet managed to get over there and visit him. Terrible!

    Hope you have a fab time 🙂

  8. aoifemc said,

    Thanks Jen – it’s really lovely actually. Here now. Had a ball at the first day of the festival yesterday – heading off again today!

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