Do YOU have your Halves bag?

May 9, 2008 at 5:39 pm (The Show)

Yes, yes. It’s a fashion moment.

We were joined on the show last night by Halves, the four piece who morph into a seven piece for their live performances. And they gave me a bag. Chuffed was I. It was stressed by the band that this bag is a supremely limited edition affair, and so I would suggest that you head down to their EP launch in Whelan’s next Saturday the 17th of May to get your bear paws on one.

Halves joined us last year, almost exactly to the day, to talk about their first EP, and so it was nice to have them back this time around for an update of their musical journey in the last year.

We listened to Medals and In The Sorrow, In The Fire from their new EP Haunt Me When I’m Drowsy, and the lads treated us to a live version of Amberscene, which I have to say sounds very lush indeed.  They told us about recording this EP in various locations around the country, about their upcoming slot at The Transmission Festival in Austria, and their future plans to keep growing in a live capacity.  As well as their plans to create a fashion moment with the Halves bag.  Actually, that last bit was my idea.

We started the show with The Vinny Club’s It’s Not You It’s Of taken from his forthcoming album Rocky IV Reckyrd which is to be released on the 31st May with a shindig in Andrew’s Lane Theatre in Dublin.  Head to The Artist Formerly Known As Vince’s myspace to cop a listen of a few other tracks.

We also listened to People Walk Away from Robotnik’s album Pleasant Square, which will be launched into the musical stratosphere this Saturday night upstairs in Whelan’s.   I know we’ve heard this song quite a lot over the last month on the show, but I like it.  It’s kind of hard not to.

Nialler9 recommended the deliriously giddy Rabbit Pushing Mower from Toy, which featured on nialler’s Summer Sunburn Mixtape.  I shall now hold nialler personally responsible for the weather breaking today.  He should never have announced the summer like that.  He’s ruined it for everyone.  Still, the Summer mixtape works with the rain, so it’s not all bad.  Head here to download it for yourself.  And apologies, I think I called this track Rabbit Pushing Motor on the show – couldn’t read my own writing.

And so here it is – download away!


Halves Thursday 8th May 2008

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Halves tonight!

May 8, 2008 at 7:39 pm (The Show) ()

Join us at the usual time and place – 9pm on 103.2 Dublin City FM – when we shall be joined in studio by the lovely Halves, who will be telling us all about their latest EP.

The mp3 of the entire show will be up on the blog shortly if you miss us on the wireless…


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dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip

May 6, 2008 at 8:37 pm (The Show) ()

Oooh Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip!

They’re playing tomorrow night Wednesday 7th May in The Button Factory in Dublin, and courtesy of Shock we have two pairs of tickets to give away.

I saw them last year in Crawdaddy and they were ace. It’s a gig not to be missed. This is their third time in Dublin, so if you haven’t seen them before now’s your chance.

All you have to do to get a pair of tickets is send me an email to maffimushkalla[at]hotmail[dot]com before 2pm Wednesday 7th May and the indie hour will pop your name down on the door.

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Robotnik = worker

May 5, 2008 at 5:48 pm (The Show) (, , )

Robotnik by Ian Oliver

Yeeps!  This has been the laziest of blog postings yet.  As those of you on the emerald isle will surely agree, when our three days of summer finally arrive the last place you want to be is in front of a PC.  I am a bit sunburnt after the weekend and man, does it feel good.

Okay, so sunbathing doesn’t really excuse the late posting of our Robotnik interview from Thursday 24th of April, but I tried.

Robotnik a.k.a. Chris Morrin is probably our most regular guest visitor, as I think he’s been on the show about four or five times in our four years of broadcasting on Dublin City Fm.  He came on to talk about his debut album Pleasant Square, for which there will be an album launch party upstairs in Whelan’s this Saturday the 10th of May.

On the show, we listened to Puddlestarter and People Walk Away, Chris played a live version of I Found Jesus in The Year 2027, and we had a bit of a chat about stalkers, Amy Winehouse making tea, leaping from the singer-songwriter world in to the electronic world like an elastic band, and the bold move of putting 15 tracks on to a debut album.

Also on the show, we spoke to Simon from Hefty Horse about the So Cow gig in Anseo of Camden Street last Sunday  27th of April.  Hefty Horse have quite a few gigs upstairs in Anseo on the gig calender, so head to their myspace for details of who will be playing.  We listened to Casablanca from So Cow’s These Truly Are End Times.  I haven’t heard his new album I’m Siding With My Captors yet, but will report back when I do!

We started the show with The Vowels Part 2 from Why?s Alopecia album.  I saw Why? down in Andrew’s Lane Theatre a few weeks back, and as nialler and Thrill Pier said, it was one of the best gigs so far this year.  I know it’s only just May but it was great.  If you haven’t heard Alopecia yet, get a copy asap.  I haven’t heard their older album Elephant Eyelash but I intend to get my teeth (or should that be ears?) stuck into it shortly.

Nialler9 recommended Lykke Li’s Little Bit – check out nialler’s blog for the live performance of the track on Jools Holland’s Later programme.

We also spoke to Sorcha from pop punksters The Amazing Few about the release of their Russian Girls single, with which we finished the show.

And here it is for download.  Hope you enjoy it, and see you down in Whelan’s this Saturday 10th of May for the release of Robotnik’s Pleasant Square album!


Robotnik Thursday 24th April 2008

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