The Vinny Club…

June 25, 2008 at 4:35 pm (The Show) ()

The Vinny Club under his bed, taken by Loreana Rushe for State

…came on the indie hour ages ago. Since getting back from Primavera in Barcelona I’ve just been one big beach day dreaming fluffy brain and that, my friends, is my excuse for the tardity (it’s a word now mother fos) of this, The Vinny Club mp3 of the interview we broadcast on the indie hour back on the 29 May.

Since then, Vinny’s debut album Rocky IV Reckyrd was released in Andrew’s Lane Theatre. On the show, we had a good auld giggle, seeing as we were pretending it was live on a Thursday night but it was actually Tuesday morning. God, we’re mad, the pair of us. Actually, we’re pretty croaky, but Vinny still manages to amuse with talk of his axe, gameboys, how I never played the first demo he sent me yonks ago and the seven levels of nerdiness.

We also listened to lots of good tunes – Santogold’s Aha, Silence Palama from Heathers and Animal from Boxes. And of course, we heard loads of The Vinny Club.

It’s a good one – I’d download it straight away if I were you.


Seriously, though. Do it now.


The Vinny Club meets the indie hour Thursday 29th May 2008

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David Turpin tonight…

June 19, 2008 at 6:15 pm (The Show) ()

Do tune in this evening to 103.2 Dublin City FM from 9 to 10pm when we will be joined in studio by David Turpin.

David will be talking us through his album The Sweet Used-To-Be and we shall be hearing a few songs in between.

If you can’t listen the conventional wireless way, you can listen live over the web, or you can just wait until the mp3 of the interview is uploaded to this here blog.

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Ann Scott last week and tomorrow night…

June 18, 2008 at 9:13 pm (The Show)

Yeesh, this blog’s been a long time coming.  What with the fun of the weekend (i.e. Dan Deacon) and Iggy Pop on Monday night, I’m only getting around to posting this mp3 from last week’s show tonight.  Apologies – particularly to Mully who’s been waiting!

We were joined last Thursday on the indie hour by the pretty deadly Ann Scott, who told us about the process of making her 2006 album We’re Smiling, what it was like to be nominated for a Meteor Award twice, and where she’s at with the recording of her next album.  She’s doing just fine with that, thank you!

We played through three tracks from We’re Smiling, and one from her highly acclaimed debut Poor Horse.

Ann Scott is playing with a few musical mates this Thursday 19th of June in Dublin’s Cobblestone, so head down for that if you like what you hear on the podcast.

We started the show with Dance Dance Dance by Lykke Li – who was truly fabulous in The Sugar Club last week.  We heard White Winter Hymnal from Fleet Foxes and nialler9 recommended White Denim’s Let’s Talk About It.  We finished up the show with Red And Purple from The Dodos, who were also blinkin’ great on Friday night in Crawdaddy.

I hope you enjoy the mp3 – and apologies for the delay!


Ann Scott Thursday 12th June 2008

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Saturdays with a crystal cat

June 15, 2008 at 7:34 pm (The Show) (, , )

Jape is great.  I mean grape.

Today is recovery day after a full on day yesterday, making it to three out of four gigs in a number of venues around Dublin.

The Kate Bush/Bloomsday do in Howth was lovely, involving pints of Guinness, fish and chips, and Mumblin’ Deaf Ro. Also heard Carol Keogh and Ewa Gigon, the latter being joined by the girl from Thinguma*jigsaw and her saw. Ro finished his set with Bright Eyes from Watership Down and had the whole room singing at the top of our rabbit loving lungs. Pretty hilarious.

Headed back into the city and walked into Vicar Street just as Dan Deacon started his set with Crystal Cat. It was great to have him back. I think that’s the last time we’ll see him play in his one man and an iPod format, so it was a performance to be relished. It was so much fun. Of course. Hugged UnaRocks and Thrill Pier in the giant circle of high fives, and got hugs from Darragh and Loreana too. It was a hugging kind of atmosphere you see. Dan Deacon for president. Of the world.

Jape did amazingly well to follow Dan, because we were all wrecked! He played a great set and kept the energy buzz going.

To my delight, I met someone who also went to Fleet Foxes in Whelans and made it down for Dan Deacon. He was called Dezzy and he said Fleet Foxes were great. I also bumped in to Dezzy at McGruders for RedRum #4, so between the two of us we made it to all four of Saturday’s recommended gigs. Kid 606 was great, and afterwards I drunkenly gave him a hug thanking him for introducing me to live electronic music five years ago when I saw him in London. He was very polite but after the third hug from me, he made his excuses and moved on. *cringe*

After chatting to Ste from EgoEccentric and his love of Anticon, it seemed it was finally time to go home, where a few bottles of wine were opened and Alopecia played on til the morning light.

I am in bits today. I did a headstand in the kitchen last night and hurt my elbow on the way down.

Such fun.

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Five things to do(do) this weekend

June 13, 2008 at 4:28 pm (The Show) ()

indie hour, unarocks, raptureponies, offherrocker and sigla celebrate bloomsday

I’d like to throw my two cents in and recommend a few things for you to check out this weekend. I’m going to try to make at least four out of five of these events myself. I believe it can be done. I do.

The fun starts tonight in Crawdaddy with The Dodos taking the stage at 9.45pm. The last time I checked, the support hadn’t been announced but I expect there will be something happening between 8pm and 9.45pm. It’s €14 in at the door and I have high expectations for a percussion-tastic evening. I like their album Visiter a lot.

Tomorrow brings an early start with The Sensual Walk, which is loosely celebrating Bloomsday but also has some kind of connection to Kate Bush. I’m just not sure what the connection is. Nevertheless, the information for this free day of walking and music is up on the Kate Bush News website. The plan is to meet at Howth Head at 2pm and have a walk around, retracing the steps of Molly and Leopold Bloom. Then it’s on to The Bailey Pub in Howth Village at 4pm for food, pints and music brought to you by Mumblin’ Deaf Ro, Carol Keogh and her band, Thomas Dunning & Your Boyfriends, and flippin’ loads more.

It’s the next stop that might have to be forsaken – it’s Fleet Foxes in Whelan’s. As Jim pointed out on a comment thread on his blog earlier in the week though, it would be possible to head down to Fleet Foxes and still make it for Dan Deacon in Vicar Street at the Future Days Festival. Fleet Foxes will finish up early enough because of the Saturday night club thing in Whelan’s – but you would run the risk of missing Jape and Deerhunter who are playing alongside Dan Deacon on Vicar Street? I think I’ll just head straight from Howth to Vicar Street, making a stop at Gruel on the way.

And finally – it’s on to McGruders on Thomas Street after Dan Deacon has increased your heart rate through the sheer joy of dancing to get stuck into Kid 606 and a host of others at RedRum #4.

And then, it’s home to bed.

Whatever you get up to, hope you have a good one.

The podcasts from the last three weeks of the indie hour will be up by the end of the weekend, including last night’s show with the lovely Ann Scott.

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Ann Scott this evening…

June 12, 2008 at 4:26 pm (The Show) ()

Do tune in to the indie hour on 103.2 Dublin City FM at 9pm tonight, when we shall be joined by Ann Scott. We’ll be having a listen to her album We’re Smiling and talking about her gig next Thursday in The Cobblestone in Dublin.

We’ll also be brining you our Top Five recommended gigs for the weekend, and we’ll be playing through some pretty decent toons.

If you miss us live on air tonight becaues you’re at Lykke Li in The Sugar Club, have no fear as the mp3 of the show will be available for download on this very blog in but a few days.

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So what did we miss?

June 8, 2008 at 6:21 pm (The Show) ()

The Indie Hour on holiday. That’s me in the caravan wondering when the broadband man’s going to come and hook up my gaffe with some internet access. Not really though.

So I didn’t have access to THE INTERNET on my travels and am now catching up on what was going on while I was away. Here are a few choice cuts of what our Irish bloggers were blogging about on the em blogosphere. Blog.

Gardenhead giving out about Lidl and Big Brother on Asleep on the Compost Heap. Choice quote “They are the shit that falls steaming out of of the elephantine arse-ring of our celebrity age” Read the blog to find out if that’s directed towards Big Brother or Lidl.

Matt Vinyl plagiarised a press release about the upcoming Underground exhibition in Road Records from the 27th of June til the 6th of July. That’s ok though, he’s a contributor to the exhibition so he’s allowed to copy and paste press releases. He also gives his two cents about Jape’s new album Ritual, which was released yesterday.

Off Her Rocker posted the video for Eyes Closed from Carly Sings album Glove Thief, which was released on Friday. This is my favourite track of the album – the melody gets into your head and you can’t stop singing it for the next two days. Which isn’t such a good thing if you’re not as lovely a singer as Carly.

Jim says Bon Iver were great in Tripod on 2nd of June – Thrill Pier says ‘Meh’. I was also glad to hear via Thrill Pier that Bon Iver will be back in October, as I missed their set at Primavera because I was…asleep. They were playing at 4pm opening up the festival but we’d only arrived home at 7am that morning so….I look forward to seeing Justin Vernon on 7th of October in Tripod.

UnaRocks went to the Hard Working Class Heroes Festival launch last Wednesday. HWCH will take place on the weekend of the 12th of September, back in its original home of Temple Bar. I enjoyed the festival in the POD venue last year, but I’m happier that it’s returned to the mix of venues so that we can all get some exercise in between enjoying some quality music.

The New(ish) Journalism reviewed Sex & The City. He’s obviously just a sexist who has no comprehension of the ultimate importance of Jimmy Choos. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I intend to go with a gaggle of giggling girlfriends and drink cosmopolitans from a coke cup in the cinema while wearing a SJP inspired impractical outfit, all ruffles and bizarre hats. Bah to all you naysayers.

Be back in a few days with those podcasts for you…

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I’ve been in my hotel room with a shotgun…

June 8, 2008 at 4:36 pm (The Show)

Les Savy Fav at Primavera Sound by nialler9

Five Things I learned at Primavera

1. Even if you have a bit of (perhaps holiday diet induced) extra flab, it’s still possible to demand respect while being a bulging bear of a man wearing an early 90s leotard. See photo above.

2. Devo are amazing. How did I not know this before Primavera? For me, they have raised the bar of what an entertaining gig should be. I can imagine myself thinking at future gigs ‘Hmmm…they’re not quite Devo, are they?’ I just hope that when I am in my fifties I too will be able to jump around in a choreographed aerobics instructor manner and perhaps even learn to play a synth.

Coincidentally, my holiday book was the rather excellent Rip It Up And Start Again; Post Punk 1978-1984 by Simon Reynolds, which I had a chance to delve into on our retreat to Sevilla and Portugal after Primavera to lick our festival wounds. I’m only half way through, but it’s a thoroughly in depth take on a genre of music that the author felt has not been properly chronicled. Until his book. Apart from the aforementioned Devo, Reynolds gives a history (among many, many others) into The Slits, The Pop Group, Joy Division, The Human League, Talking Heads, The Raincoats, independent record labels (like Rough Trade) of the late 70s and early 80s and a general DIY approach. Check it out. A whole (for me) untapped genre of music to start sifting through.

3. Sometimes it’s best to just stick it out until the end of the set. This was the case with Holy Fuck. Regular readers of this blog know I’m a big fan of their LP album, but was underwhelmed by their performance at Whelan’s a few months back. About four or five songs into the set at Primavera, myself and nialler left, with the same feeling that the band were playing a little bit more to themselves than to the audience. We were told the next morning about the subsequent stage invasion at the end of Holy Fuck’s set. Dammit, I love stage invasions! Serves us right for going home to bed to gain some energy for the next and last day of the festival.

4. When one has indulged in too many Spanish measures of whiskey and red bull over a period of days, one should not listen to The Silver Jews first thing on the last morning of a three day festival. I had a minor panic attack, and for about half an hour, was convinced that I was actually going to have a heart attack and die. The Silver Jews’ frontman David Berman’s somewhat sardonic lyrics provoked a thankfully short lived bout of music festival paranoia, which in fairness was probably more to do with the alcohol in my bloodstream than the good man’s tunes. Still, I really could have used a bit of El Guincho at that point in time.

5. When you go to Barcelona for Primavera, be sure to leave yourself at least two or three days to recover so you can actually see more of the city than the delightfully futuristic grounds of The Forum. I saw the Sagrada Familia and ate a kebab near Las Ramblas but that was the extent of my insight into Barcelona. I’ll just have to make sure I book a longer time in the city when I return to Primavera next year.

Quotes of the festival:

Rufus Wainwright, talking about the gigantic solar panel that looms over the festival sight: ‘I just wanna know when that thing’s going to take off into space!’ Actually, everything Rufus said between his heart-wrenchingly beautiful performance was pretty hilarious.

Dr Octagon, after a bit of a crap performance, bizarelly stayed on the stage ranting about how this was a charity gig and he was playing for free, as the stage crew were trying to set up for the next act.

The drummer of the ear drum awakening Times New Viking : ‘This song goes out to Frodo Baggins’ and ‘Has anyone seen my passport?’

The absolute top quote of the festival though was from Bill Callahan:

Bill (after playing two songs without even so much as a hello): So…how’s the festival so far?

Crowd: Wooohooo…yayy! Whoop! etc

Bill: I’ve been in my hotel with a shotgun.

Crowd: *pause*

*uncomfortable silence*

whoop? Yaay? Clap? Wtf?

I know this is a whole week late as reviews go, but I just arrived back to Dublin last night and felt like reliving my holiday glories and sharing them with your good selves. For loads more info on the festival, you can check out nialler’s updates on his blog and State, if you haven’t done so already.

While I was away, two indie hour shows were aired, the mp3s of which I will upload on the blog as soon as I get over my post-holiday blues. Lol.


Devo by nialler9

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