So what did we miss?

June 8, 2008 at 6:21 pm (The Show) ()

The Indie Hour on holiday. That’s me in the caravan wondering when the broadband man’s going to come and hook up my gaffe with some internet access. Not really though.

So I didn’t have access to THE INTERNET on my travels and am now catching up on what was going on while I was away. Here are a few choice cuts of what our Irish bloggers were blogging about on the em blogosphere. Blog.

Gardenhead giving out about Lidl and Big Brother on Asleep on the Compost Heap. Choice quote “They are the shit that falls steaming out of of the elephantine arse-ring of our celebrity age” Read the blog to find out if that’s directed towards Big Brother or Lidl.

Matt Vinyl plagiarised a press release about the upcoming Underground exhibition in Road Records from the 27th of June til the 6th of July. That’s ok though, he’s a contributor to the exhibition so he’s allowed to copy and paste press releases. He also gives his two cents about Jape’s new album Ritual, which was released yesterday.

Off Her Rocker posted the video for Eyes Closed from Carly Sings album Glove Thief, which was released on Friday. This is my favourite track of the album – the melody gets into your head and you can’t stop singing it for the next two days. Which isn’t such a good thing if you’re not as lovely a singer as Carly.

Jim says Bon Iver were great in Tripod on 2nd of June – Thrill Pier says ‘Meh’. I was also glad to hear via Thrill Pier that Bon Iver will be back in October, as I missed their set at Primavera because I was…asleep. They were playing at 4pm opening up the festival but we’d only arrived home at 7am that morning so….I look forward to seeing Justin Vernon on 7th of October in Tripod.

UnaRocks went to the Hard Working Class Heroes Festival launch last Wednesday. HWCH will take place on the weekend of the 12th of September, back in its original home of Temple Bar. I enjoyed the festival in the POD venue last year, but I’m happier that it’s returned to the mix of venues so that we can all get some exercise in between enjoying some quality music.

The New(ish) Journalism reviewed Sex & The City. He’s obviously just a sexist who has no comprehension of the ultimate importance of Jimmy Choos. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I intend to go with a gaggle of giggling girlfriends and drink cosmopolitans from a coke cup in the cinema while wearing a SJP inspired impractical outfit, all ruffles and bizarre hats. Bah to all you naysayers.

Be back in a few days with those podcasts for you…



  1. John Cav said,

    A sexist? Moi? Certainly not.

    A joyless cynic? Moi? Certainly 🙂

    By the by, it seems that Primavera was quite the larf… Speaking of larfs, is anybody venturing Dan Deacon/Japeward next weekend?

  2. aoifemc said,

    Yo John Cav – we’ll be at Dan Deacon and Jape all right. See you there!

  3. gabbagabbahey said,

    probably won’t be going, though I am a big Deacon fan. Just be interested to know how he plays – literally and figuratively – in a venue the size of Vicar Street.

    hate to be that guy who prefers the earlier, smaller shows where less people knew about the artist – though I didn’t see him in Crawdaddy – but the crush in Whelans was magical. And seeing Battles in VS last month, I kind of feel I could have left it with the Tripod show from less than 12 months previous – especially if whatever artist isn’t touring new material.

    also, I really don’t have much money left after May 🙂

  4. adam said,

    I enjoyed Bon Iver too (sniff sniff). Nice little Primavera round-up. Typical Bill C qoute about the shotgun isn’t it? Morose, talented bastard (AND Joanna Newsom..what a guy)

  5. adam said,

    By ‘qoute’ I mean ‘quote’. Erk.

  6. aoifemc said,

    Hey Gabba – I’ve been wondering how Dan is going to do his thing in Vicar Street too. I saw him in Crawdaddy and in Whelan’s and I’ve faith that he can pull it off in a big venue. I just want to get there early so I can get a spot near the bald man himself.

    Adam – Bill Callahan was morose all right. When he said the thing about the shotgun I was like ‘shit, maybe Joanna broke up with him!’ Hope you’re well!

  7. gabbagabbahey said,

    Good to know you have faith; you reckon he’ll still perform on the floor? In Whelan’s I was only about 2-3 deep in the crowd but for most of the gig all I saw of the ‘bald man’ was strobic flashes of his arms and, occasionally, the top of his head. Hope you enjoy the gig!

    Just got tickets myself for Si Schroeder + Matmos in Alt, should be a nice *small* gig…

  8. gardenhead said,

    I had a dream about dan deacon in vicar street the other night. He had a ginormous magnetized floating stage that darted around the venue with 5 glowing skulls underneath. People could jump up and smack a skull to make him float from place to place. It was mad.

  9. aoifemc said,

    Gabba – I think Dan Deacon will perform as gardenhead dreamed it. That would be AMAZING!

  10. Ian said,

    (AND Joanna Newsom..what a guy)

    Joanna and he have split. She’s going out with some douchbag from Saturday night live now.

    As for Dan, he’s played bigger festival gigs than Vicar St. it’ll be grand.

  11. aoifemc said,

    Ian – I figured they must have split up. I’d be depressed too if Joanna Newsom broke up with me to go out with some Saturday Night Live guy. See you on Saturday no doubt – or probably at The Dodos tomorrow night as well? See you soon any rate!

  12. Ian said,

    Billy certainly has a way with the ladies. Used to go out with Chan Marshall too back when she was crazy and good at music.

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