The Vinny Club…

June 25, 2008 at 4:35 pm (The Show) ()

The Vinny Club under his bed, taken by Loreana Rushe for State

…came on the indie hour ages ago. Since getting back from Primavera in Barcelona I’ve just been one big beach day dreaming fluffy brain and that, my friends, is my excuse for the tardity (it’s a word now mother fos) of this, The Vinny Club mp3 of the interview we broadcast on the indie hour back on the 29 May.

Since then, Vinny’s debut album Rocky IV Reckyrd was released in Andrew’s Lane Theatre. On the show, we had a good auld giggle, seeing as we were pretending it was live on a Thursday night but it was actually Tuesday morning. God, we’re mad, the pair of us. Actually, we’re pretty croaky, but Vinny still manages to amuse with talk of his axe, gameboys, how I never played the first demo he sent me yonks ago and the seven levels of nerdiness.

We also listened to lots of good tunes – Santogold’s Aha, Silence Palama from Heathers and Animal from Boxes. And of course, we heard loads of The Vinny Club.

It’s a good one – I’d download it straight away if I were you.


Seriously, though. Do it now.


The Vinny Club meets the indie hour Thursday 29th May 2008

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  1. Tenaka said,

    Nice one

  2. gabbagabbahey said,

    good show!

    the Vinny club album is a bit difficult to find though, innit?

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