I Am So Cow…oh no, wait…

July 13, 2008 at 3:11 pm (The Show) ()

I declined a weekend at a racecourse somewhere in Kildare in favour of a (long overdue) sorting out the auld flat weekend. It’s been wonderful. A rain and rape-allegation free weekend. I’ve been in the comfort of my own home with my quite rubbish but functioning internet connection voyueristically having a gander at State every now and then to see what I’m missing. And Niall has been updating me with text messages. Best one yet: “Went to Justice. Too many drug addled. A limited choice of prodigy, national, manics and the verve. May go home soon.”

So I took the opportunity today to have numerous cups of tea and read the Observer Music Monthly and waddle around my flat in my pjs, before tackling the auld reorganisation of my flat. For a soundtrack to my somewhat reluctant domesticity, I chose So Cow’s latest album I’m Siding With My Captors. I received this album from one of my favourite Irish artists a few months back, and bafflingly, it’s taken me til now to get around to giving it a proper listen. I’m a fool.

You may remember So Cow’s visit to the indie hour last year to talk about These Truly Are End Times. I’m Siding With My Captors revisits the lo-fi distortion heavy ditties of the previous work of Brian Kelly. Once again offering endearing lyrics tackling issues such as full taxi ranks and falling in love on the bus, it’s sung in the style of a late 50s American garage rock artist trapped in the body of a thoughtful Galway man with access to some modern but basic electronic software. It’s like part two of …End Times except it’s got a few more twiddly bipply bits and it’s got loads of cool dual guitar solo scale-happy riffs which I like a lot. The backward love song theme from …End Times is repeated with Shackleton:

One day I’ll write the song you deserve, babe

I’ll give it all I’ve got

One day I’ll write the song you require

Until then La La La.

Bless him.

So Cow is playing at the Hefty Horse night in Anseo on Camden Street this evening, along with Beatpoet and Story of Hair. Story of Hair were with us on the indie hour last Thursday, to talk about their up-coming debut album. Anyway, it’s 5 euro in, doors are at 8pm and if you’re not in a burnt out tent somewhere in a muddy field, you should head down.

Oooh! The album just finished. I’m going to play it again and get back to my dusting.


  1. John Cav said,

    I once crimped – Boosh much? – with So Cow at my mate’s house party in Galway. He was considerably better than me… That album is a corker alright. Huzzahs abound!

    I too declined a weekend of generic muddy sexual assault. I was reviewing the Galway Film Fleadh all week. My new film blog shall be up and running in the next 24 hours. Which is fun.

  2. aoifemc said,

    I do Boosh but only the first series in the zooniverse so far. Crimped? Not sure what this is. Is Naboo involved?

    Film Fleadh eh? Will check out your new film blog good sir.

  3. Evil Bob said,

    You missed Oxegen? Therefore you missed Rage. Does that not make you feel empty?

    Crimping is that thing in the Mighty Boosh where the two of them start singing together seemingly random sentences of gibberish that seems perfectly formed yet random yet perfectly formed yet random yet perfectly formed yet random.
    They only give it a name in the (inferior) third series.

  4. aoifemc said,

    Evil Bob – once again you have usurped me with your knowledge of all things random. I’ve only seen the first series in full and one or two episodes of the second series. Getting the dvds soon. I think I have a crush on Naboo.

    And yes, the only time I felt anything close to regret about not going to Poxegen was missing Rage. I’ll have to just lie to my future kids and tell them I was there. Damn.

  5. Evil Bob said,

    RATM = really awesome time moshing.
    Your kids won’t believe you.
    Mine won’t believe I just said that line above.

  6. gabbagabbahey said,

    hey, I bought this album a few days ago and it’s really good. But I’m surprised – though I don’t really mind – that all the reviews just talk about him as Pavement-y lo-fi pop and don’t mention how ska-happy he is. I mean, that’s probably what you’re hearing with the “scale-happy riffs”, but to me this – particulary ‘Commuting’ and the opening track – just instantly reminds me of a mix between Operation Ivy/Common Rider and the first Green Day album; all that Californian ska/pop-punk I “grew up” listening to..

    Coincidentally, this week’s Noel Murray column at the AV Club puts Pavement and Operation Ivy on the same page: http://www.avclub.com/content/feature/popless_week_31_mess_addiction/3

    also, where’s that picture from? I like the 60s Gaelic chic 🙂 Prizes for anyone who can identify all the wrinkly old men… I’m stuck at Lemass, and I’m supposed to study politics!

  7. Reta Vassie said,

    Interesting stuff mate.

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