August 11, 2008 at 8:17 pm (The Show)

Story of Hair having tea.

*stretches arms* *yawns*

I’ve been having a jolly good rest from blogging and broadcasting alike.  Recent highlights have been the Daniel Johnston and Friends gig and The Mantua Festival down in Roscommon.  I’ve returned to the blog to get on top of the backlog of a few of July’s indie hour shows.

The first mp3 I’m putting up is the one from July 10th with Story of Hair ahead of the September release of their debut album.  Watch this space.  Story of Hair are supporting The Dead Flags in Whelan’s tonight and are playing a few dates around the country throughout the month.

This show also featured a spokesperson from the Anti-War Movement about the Time of The Month gig a month ago in support of the Raytheon 9.

We also spoke to Mike Mantua Project about the festival that took place just over a week ago in Roscommon.  And boy, what fun we had.  Hats off to Mike and all the rest of the Mantua crew for really building on last year, and despite a flooded Friday, good times were certainly had by the folks at the festival last weekend.  Nialler has a round-up here.  I spent a lot of time in my tent and the evidence of why is in the picture below.

I’m so happy…!

Hope you enjoy the mp3.


Story of Hair Thursday July 10th

Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes because it will make your iPod big and strong.  Honest.


1 Comment

  1. adam said,

    You really are happy in that pic. I don’t drink Heineken – clearly i am missing out.

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