Fight Like Poodles

August 11, 2008 at 11:56 pm (The Show)

Photo by Loreana Rushe

Nah. Their name is better. Apes it is so.

Jaime and Tom joined us on 17th of July to have a bit of a chinwag about Fight Like Apes’ musical journey through time and space over the last year. We had a giggle. Download it below and hear for yourselves.

On the show we also listened to Efterklang and Tortoise, who played the weekend after that Thursday in July at The Anaolog Festival in The Docklands. I went to their show, as well as the Sea Shanty thing with Tim Robbins and Lou Reed the night before. The sea shanties were both amusing and bemusing. I kept talking about the gig a good few days after, trying to process the whole thing. So on the whole it was definitely entertaining. Tim Robbins has a lovely voice. Lou Reed wasn’t very exciting. But that’s ok.

At the Efterklang and Tortoise gig the following night, I saw a few members of The Jimmy Cake in the crowd and they appeared to be there for the Efterklang show. The Danes were fun, but there was something… missing. I think The Jimmy Cake are better. I really, really do.

On the show that you will find on the mp3 below, we also listened to Jose Gonzalez doing his take on Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart, as recommended from nialler9. Before his show in The Academy last week in Dublin, I walked past him on George’s Street, hanging out on a corner with a few handsome Swedes. I suspect he was coming out of Govinda’s.

We finished off the show with Kalise from El Guincho’s Alegranza!, which I think is a perfect album for rainy days. Probably because it evokes the sunniness of El Guincho’s hometown Barcelona. Sun. *sigh*.

From Fight Like Apes we heard four tracks. We listened to Something Global, Light Sabre Cock Sucking Blues, Fran Drescher and the newley re-worked and phantom powered Lend Me Your Face. I like the new version.

They’re playing all over the UK for the next month and will be back in Dublin to release their debut album Fight Like Apes And The Golden Medallion on the 26th of September with a show in Whelan’s. Hurrah!

That’s all I have to say really. Hope you enjoy the mp3.


Fight Like Apes Thursday 17th July

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